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Obviously, we don’t make enough from this blog to live our amazing life in Hollywood, California, with our four pets and appetite for delicious food. We’ve always had real jobs too, but we won’t bore you with our work history because you can find (most of) it on our LinkedIn profiles. We do, however, love to keep ourselves busy and while some of us (Alana/Fit) have done a great job becoming more focused on certain projects, some of us (Chris/Hungry) are still bouncing all over the walls every day and night trying to figure out what he really wants to do with his life. Before we get to different projects, we’d like to remind you that we’re “rebranding” our social media so that Hungry & Fit content is separate from our personal accounts. This has happened/is happening to our YouTube and Instagram so far, but we’re planning on doing the same for Twitter and even Email.

Moving back to those other projects, since you’ve always been a part of this little family! First, we’ll start with the most exciting one… Alana’s baby. 

Just One More Word – Alana is a writer, as you all know, but she doesn’t only write delicious recipes and amazing workouts. She’s written poetry (that has been published) and has been working on a fantasy series for years. Recently, after taking part of some rigorous writing challenges, she decided to start tracking her thoughts on this new blog. She only just created it a few weeks ago, but it’ll be a great resource for aspiring writers and everyone who wants to track her progress on her novel!


Now, Chris’s mess, in order from “best to worst…” or maybe in no order whatsoever.

Drivist US – Chris really enjoys driving, but might have inherited a bit of road rage from his father. Still, he is passionate enough about driving to run this satirical blog about other driver’s mistakes in an effort to make everyone care a little bit more about the community while on the road. Inspired by when he sees someone do something selfish or idiotic or illegal, Chris writes up a silly little blurb to try to teach people what not to do or how to handle a situation on the road properly. It is like a school of hard knocks version of driver’s ed, and Chris is looking for other people to contribute content to this so we can find out about drivers all over the world! 

CT Epps YouTube – When the Hungry & Fit YouTube channel (recently) became more brand-appropriate, Chris needed another place to post his random videos of silly stuff and cute animals. That is the point of this channel, where Chris will try to improve his video/audio editing skills, etc, while trying to capture some fun memories. There isn’t a goal to make viral videos or anything along those lines, but it allows for a creative outlet without spamming the Hungry & Fit channel. Old H&F content that isn’t brand appropriate will, however, remain on the original channel. We’ll let the past be the past and move forward, but if you’re looking to do a fun collaboration, we’re always down!

The Fairhaven Scholarship – You wouldn’t believe it, but Chris created this before ever seeing Shark Tank. It was created as a scholarship for high school students who were trying to do something other than take the normal college route. It was for everyone that wanted to change the world by inventing or innovating something. As long as their goal was to make the world a better place, and they could articulate their plan clearly, the scholarship would give them some of the resources necessary to do so. It could be something as simple as a talented musician who can’t afford an instrument needing the money to buy one so they could post their content online, or something so different. For now, until the scholarship takes hold on a greater level, this blog provides insight on being an entrepreneur, making smart decisions and moving forward for youth. If you’d be interested in helping Chris bring this to a school or be a mentor in the program, let him know!

The Hangry Life – The anti-Hungry & Fit has always been Hangry & Fat. A lot of health & wellness professionals catch a lot of flack for posting pictures of them with pizza & ice cream. When Chris managed a certain fitness facility, our company had a strict policy that no staff could even talk about food with the members due to the risk that someone might take something the wrong way. In order to avoid all that, and all the ideas that Alana vetoed when discussing blog topics, The Hangry Life was born. You might have noticed that we never really do any negative product or restaurant reviews. If we don’t like something, we don’t say anything about it in public because we’re always trying to keep our readers feeling good about their fitness journey. The Hangry Life lets us vent a little bit, so if you’re looking for something a bit grittier, head over there!

Mizuchido – People at the gym always assume, and ask Chris at the gym, if he is this or that based on what he is doing. If he is doing Olympic lifts at the Hollywood Boxing Gym, they ask if he does CrossFit. If he has a cut-sleeve shirt with his tattoos showing, they ask if he is an MMA fighter. The funniest one is when he walks around the basketball court and the guys say things like, don’t ask him, he is a football player. People will introduce him to friends and family as a bodybuilder. It never ends, but in a way, they’re all right. Chris has tried many forms of training and has taken what he thinks are the best elements of each to create Mizuchido. Heavily influenced by his studies of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Chris created Mizuchido as a lifestyle based martial art that dictates the way that you perform and act all the time. Mizuchi is a legendary water serpent in Japanese mythology, so it roughly translates into “the way of the water serpent.” You can find out more on its website, but it is one of Chris’ oldest and dearest projects. Chris will train people in the art, so reach out if you’re interested in a serious challenge. WARNING: This is not easy. These are the workouts that Chris does himself!

These are those works in progress that haven’t gotten any love because we decided to focus on other things but they’re worth mentioning! We don’t like to hide anything from you, but these are far from ready and can you even imagine that there are so many other projects and ideas that are even further from being ready? Yikes!

You Choose Your Own – An audience-author interactive experience where popular vote dictates the chapter that the writer creates next, based on the theme of the choose your own adventure books we all loved growing up! We’re too busy, so we just need a creative author who is very punctual and would be interested in headlining our pilot!

The Fit Age – This would probably be our biggest and most challenging project. We’d need the resources of Blizzard or Marvel/Disney to be able to tackle this the way we want to. Think really big on this one, like Ready Player One big… like The Matrix big. We’ve started working on a Workout App “with a personality” to start this, but other projects that are much easier to complete pushed this one off to the side for now. If you have a billion dollars and want to change the world, let us know!

Oh, and one final note, we’re going to switch up the website, which means the theme/look will change, tabs will be a bit different, information will be updated and we might even have a portal to all these other projects as well! Our goal is to make that happen this month, so hopefully we stay on track with that! And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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