Easy Recipes and Workouts for a Healthy New Year

Happy New Year! This is the time to set the tone for the year--to make smart goals, decide on an intention, and kick things off on the right foot. Of course, this isn’t the only time of year to set yourself straight, but it’s a great opportunity. However, this time of year can be daunting–there’s all this pressure on becoming the “new you” and that’s not exactly a straightforward laid-out plan. There could be a thousand possibilities of what to do for fitness or what eating style to go for. 

Let us help you in a small way. We’ve gathered five easy healthy (and delicious) recipes as well as five workouts you can do from the comforts of your home. Not sure what gym to subscribe to? No problem. Start with these home workouts first and then go from there. The recipes listed below range from snacks to meals and are all very simple (it’s rare to find a complicated recipe on our blog–I don’t have the patience for it).

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5 Recipes

  1. Delicious Kale Dip
  2. Broccoli and Onion Quiche
  3. Healthy Greek Yogurt Mini Cheesecakes
  4. Quick Avocado & Egg Snack
  5. Easy Protein Balls

5 Workouts

  1. Home Leg Workout (No Equipment Necessary)
  2. Upper Body Workout (HIIT!)
  3. Quick Home Workout
  4. Boxing (No Bags Needed) Home Workout
  5. 15-Minute Upper Body Workout

1 Meditation

healthy recipe

There you have it. You’ll see I snuck in a meditation; mental health and clarity is a huge part of being happy and successful. Try a few of these this month and see how you like them. Maybe the recipes can ease you into a healthier (but still yummy) lifestyle. The workouts could get your energy up and make you think about starting at a gym or any fitness routine you think of. Let us know if you have any questions about any of these recipes or workouts. We would love to help you become your best you. Use these recipes and workouts to stay hungry and fit!

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