5 Ways Pilates Can Help Your Health and Wellness

After the holidays, it is quite typical for people to make New Year’s resolutions. Often, these resolutions consist of eating better, weight loss, and working out regularly. You can expect your local gym to be packed with those who are making an effort to slim down after packing on the typical holiday calories. If you are interested in finding a way to maintain your fitness routine without having to deal with an overcrowded gym, you should consider checking out Atlanta Pilates. This article will highlight some of the ways that Pilates can help your health and wellness.

  • Improve your heart health. Most physical fitness can help to improve your overall heart health and Pilates is not any different. While Pilates is not necessarily exhilarating like other workouts, it is still working to improve your heart and your overall health through working out your mind and body.
  • Help you overcome Lymes disease. Having a chronic and invisible illness such as Lymes disease can be challenging on many levels. One of the ways that Pilates can help one improve their outlook on life is by connecting the mind and body. This is particularly important because Lymes disease is highly likely to make you feel as if you no longer have control over your body. By connecting your focus on your mind and body, you can begin to feel more in control. The best way to imagine this is that Pilates affords you the opportunity to pay close attention to muscle movements which will help to make your body stronger over time.
  • Decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety. If you have ever worked out at the gym by listening to music and jamming to your favorite song, you have experienced the positive effects of decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety through physical activity. Pilates can help you have an overall better outlook on life as it will help you focus on what is going on inside of your body as well as on the outside. Over time, you will notice that you have more mental clarity and that you have a better outlook on life.
  • Helps to connect your mind and body. By helping your mind and body connect while participating in a physical activity, you are going to notice an increase in self-esteem and how you feel about yourself. Pilates requires that you pay close attention to how your body feels and moves throughout the exercise. By working out utilizing Pilates, you will be taking care of your mind, body, spirit, and increase your flexibility.
  • Poise and balance. If you have trouble with posture or balance, Pilates is a great physical activity to consider trying. Pilates requires that you focus on your body and muscle movements and will help you strengthen your core and improve your posture and balance.

There are many great benefits to adding Pilates to your overall lifestyle. Whether you struggle with a chronic illness, low self-esteem, depression, or you are looking for a way to improve your heart health, poise, and balance, Pilates is worth a try!

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