Favorite Holiday Movie Countdown!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means that it is the perfect time for a (very) short and sweet countdown! Christmas is the 25th, as usual, but this year it falls on the Monday. Since we love to release our countdowns on Sundays, that means we have three more Sundays to bring you a list of holiday movies that you need to see. We’re going to be using some of our favorite contributors for this list, so you can expect the normal, not-so-normal, variety. We’re sure that you’ll see old and new, animated and live action, Christmas and Hannukah, and maybe even some movies that are debatable when it comes to their attachment to the holiday season.


If you’ve followed our countdowns in the past, they usually allow the contributor to select based on their favorite, and that won’t change. That means, it’s totally up to them to sell the movie to you! At the end, on New Year’s Eve, we’ll release our aggregate Top 3 List, but it might be tricky since there is a chance that we won’t have many repeat choices. 

And, if you haven’t checked out some of our movie countdowns in the past, now would be a great time. You can get some ideas for gifts for family and friends, or just an idea for something to watch other than the normal holiday fare. Also, if you want to see a different countdown in the future, let us know! Consistency with food and fitness are important, but if you don’t have enough fun, you’ll never stay hungry and fit!

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