What Men NEED to Wear!

Okay, okay… I know what you’re thinking. Men are (generally) far more comfortable in the gym than women, but we’re not talking about that. Ladies, imagine if we told you how important it is to wear a good sports bra during a workout. Wouldn’t you agree with us? Well, for men, it is equally important to make sure the body is kept under control during a hardcore training session. The sweat stinging your eyes and that burning feeling in your throat is distracting enough, right?

Personally, I used to wear your typical briefs growing up and back then they only had them in one color… white. While all the other boys started wearing boxers, I stayed true to my briefs since I was an athlete and was most comfortable in them. Can you even imagine boxers under baseball pants? Yikes! Then, I came across boxer briefs and my world was changed. If you look in my underwear drawer, you’ll only find boxer briefs and trunks, which we’ll say are just slightly shorter than boxer briefs.

Now, we’ve all seen compression shorts gaining popularity over the past decade through exposure on social media. Since everyone wants to be like they’re favorite athlete, they start by dressing like them, but compression shorts are not only very expensive, but also aren’t necessarily built to last very long. Professional athletes can afford them, but not all of us have those huge contracts. So, we look elsewhere and find boxer briefs that provide us with that compression. That way, we don’t have to worry about shopping for so many different items and packing one of each in our work or gym bags.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the company, Tommy John is a men’s clothing brand that embraces the idea that you might just want to be wearing the “right clothes” at all times, that way… you’re ready for anything. A random game of pickup basketball while you’re walking home from work? Sure, why not! You can manage that if you’re wearing the proper layers underneath. Again, boxer briefs are probably the most popular option, although I personally favor Square Cut. Who knows, that might come from my days as a swimmer.

The infographic above contain some tips from some of our colleagues in the fitness industry, compiled by the clothing experts over at Tommy John to guide you in the right direction when it comes to what you should be wearing to operate at 100% and absolutely make it through a training session at the gym without losing focus. Why is all of this so important? Because being comfortable when you crush it is key to staying hungry and fit!

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