Is a Ketogenic Diet Healthy For You?

Once you read this post, you’ll get to know about this little secret that majority of the famous diets which are touted to help you lose weight, from the Mediterranean to Vegetarian to the Paleo diet; they all share the same principle. All the diets recommend people to consume whole foods instead of processed and packaged foods and taking abundance of healthy fats, protein, complex carbs, minerals, vitamins and vegetables which are rich in fiber.

The only difference between such diets is that each of them proposes a different path which leads to accomplishing the same goal of losing weight and staying healthy. If you don’t know what Ketogenic diet is, we’re here to help you with the details of what you should eat and what you shouldn’t if you’re following this particular diet.

What is Ketogenic diet?

As per the Ketogenic diet, instead of eating foods which are low in carbs, you actually take ‘no carbs’ at all and instead of carbohydrates, you take in lot of fat. This diet has been around for a lot of time now but as of late, it has garnered too much attention. This diet was originally developed for curing epilepsy among children by restricting the intake of carbs to 2-4% of calories. The ultimate aim of eating in this manner is to send the body into a state of ketosis.

When your body reaches the state of ketosis, rather than breaking carbs into glucose in order to get fuel , the liver starts converting fat and transferring to ketone bodies which then becomes the primary source of energy for your body.

What do you eat and what do you not eat in Ketogenic diet?

As mentioned earlier, ketogenic diets consist of high fat with moderate protein and very low in carbs. So, you’re allowed to eat lot of red meat, poultry, fatty fish and eggs. Few other fatty foods may include cream, butter, yoghurt, cheese, oils like coconut oil, olive oil and even avocados. Veggies can include tomatoes, greens, peppers and onions.

On the contrary, you eliminate all sorts of carbohydrates like grain, pasta, sweets and bread. While in this diet, you may even bid goodbye to few other healthy foods like fruits, legumes and root vegetables. If you take alcohol, such drinks will ruin ketosis and hence you won’t be able to fulfill your dream of losing weight.

Benefits of following a ketogenic diet

There are few studies which show that ketogenic diet promotes loss of weight, reduces levels of blood sugar and boosts insulin sensitivity among people who suffer from diabetes. Studies also reveal that is can reduce the number of seizures among children who suffer from epilepsy. There are even some other studies which show that it can slow down the progress of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease though research says that this is far from being true.

So, now that you know the details of following a ketogenic diet, you must be wondering whether or not you could stick to it. You can see before and after keto results on to feel motivated about this diet plan.

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  1. Marga

    October 25, 2017 at 9:32 am

    Hi guys – I’ve been on this diet since 2013 and do have better lab results (low C-rp and lower ldl, for example) than before I went on it. I do eat berries, such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries daily. I also eat dark chocolate daily and use coconut oil generously on my
    foods, in my coffee, etc. Lots of dairy too. I’m never so strict that I won’t allow myself the occasional piece of bread when I’m out to eat or a few tortilla chips very infrequently. I also drink a glass of wine once in awhile. So as with every diet, moderate “cheating” doesn’ t negate the overall effect. I maintain my weight easily at the age of 63 (but as you know I also exercise a little each day) and feel less acid in my stomach and better overall. I’ve noticed much less inflammation in my (rock climber’s) fingers! Its changed my taste buds in a way that makes cherry tomatoes taste like a sweet treat and refined sugar products taste unbearable to eat! Love you lots! Marga

    • hungryandfit

      November 9, 2017 at 10:09 am

      Amazing some of the effects it can have! Miss you!