How to Deal with Negativity and Hate

Fit sent me this article earlier, which was written by one of her favorite bloggers… Young Adventuress. Honestly, I don’t know much about her outside of the Instagram pictures that Fit has tagged me in for the past few years. As far as I do know, Young Adventuress is a travel blogger, which means she gets to paid to travel and blog about it, basically. It is an amazing opportunity that relatively few bloggers are fortunate enough to fall into, although it isn’t all luck. It takes a lot of work… like, a lot.

I haven’t been on her website in what feels like years, but it looks better than I ever remembered. Her emails to her mailing list and well-formatted and although they might be a bit long, this past one containing the article, was fairly entertaining and sadly representative of an alarmingly large part of the general population. 


Recently, one of our longtime followers who was asking us for tips on how to start a blog had a question about the haters. This individual isn’t the most combative and loves to avoid confrontation, so it was an important topic to address before diving into a sea full of… (insert some sort of scavenger fish that hides when you’re looking and then bites you when you’re asleep.) I explained that we generally delete and block the trolls and their comments.

What makes a troll? These are the people who don’t bring anything to the party. If you completely disagree with us and have a good argument that you can present in a respectful manner, we’ll make an effort to discuss it with you. Trolls aren’t worth that time. I wouldn’t exactly consider everyone else a hater, because engagement isn’t always going to be one-sided and you need to understand that reality, embrace it, and try to learn what you can from it.

Liz has a lot more followers than we do, so she gets more views, which means she gets more haters and as a result, she has the firepower to create a blog post such as the one linked above. We don’t know how she deals with it behind closed doors, but she claims to laugh it off, and we would too if we were getting paid to travel the world. Well, not only that, but travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world. 

If you want to stay hungry and fit like us, you need to ask yourself, where is the love?

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