What Men NEED to Wear!

Okay, okay… I know what you’re thinking. Men are (generally) far more comfortable in the gym than women, but we’re not talking about that. Ladies, imagine if we told you how important it is to wear a good sports bra during a workout. Wouldn’t you agree with us? Well, for men, it is equally important to make sure the body is kept under control during a hardcore training session. The sweat stinging your eyes and that burning feeling in your throat is distracting enough, right?

Personally, I used to wear your typical briefs growing up and back then they only had them in one color… white. While all the other boys started wearing boxers, I stayed true to my briefs since I was an athlete and was most comfortable in them. Can you even imagine boxers under baseball pants? Yikes! Then, I came across boxer briefs and my world was changed. If you look in my underwear drawer, you’ll only find boxer briefs and trunks, which we’ll say are just slightly shorter than boxer briefs.

Now, we’ve all seen compression shorts gaining popularity over the past decade through exposure on social media. Since everyone wants to be like they’re favorite athlete, they start by dressing like them, but compression shorts are not only very expensive, but also aren’t necessarily built to last very long. Professional athletes can afford them, but not all of us have those huge contracts. So, we look elsewhere and find boxer briefs that provide us with that compression. That way, we don’t have to worry about shopping for so many different items and packing one of each in our work or gym bags.

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Is a Ketogenic Diet Healthy For You?

Once you read this post, you’ll get to know about this little secret that majority of the famous diets which are touted to help you lose weight, from the Mediterranean to Vegetarian to the Paleo diet; they all share the same principle. All the diets recommend people to consume whole foods instead of processed and packaged foods and taking abundance of healthy fats, protein, complex carbs, minerals, vitamins and vegetables which are rich in fiber.

The only difference between such diets is that each of them proposes a different path which leads to accomplishing the same goal of losing weight and staying healthy. If you don’t know what Ketogenic diet is, we’re here to help you with the details of what you should eat and what you shouldn’t if you’re following this particular diet.
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5 Tip and Tricks to Succeeding With Nutrisystem

Life is busy and there are often not enough hours in the day to get everything done. When you are working full time and taking care of a household, sometimes taking care of yourself becomes last priority. Going on a diet can be a challenge as there is much to consider when preparing for a change to your current lifestyle. When you first start out with your diet, it can take time away from your family or other household tasks that you typically get done after a long day at work. Just know that this will not occur on a regular basis and after you are used to the diet plan, you will be able to fit in all of your tasks seamlessly. As with anything, it is tough in the beginning until you create a routine. This article will provide some great tips and tricks to succeeding with Nutrisystem.
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Women’s Fitness Protein Shakes – Which Ones Work?

There are many protein shake suppliers that offer products to those who value fitness and want to do what is best for their body pre and post workout. While this may be the case, not all shakes are created equal. Some provide protein along with great flavors, while others provide protein and a plethora of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to sustain energy and rejuvenate muscles after a workout. This article will discuss some of the best women’s fitness protein shakes and which work better than most.
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How to Deal with Negativity and Hate

Fit sent me this article earlier, which was written by one of her favorite bloggers… Young Adventuress. Honestly, I don’t know much about her outside of the Instagram pictures that Fit has tagged me in for the past few years. As far as I do know, Young Adventuress is a travel blogger, which means she gets to paid to travel and blog about it, basically. It is an amazing opportunity that relatively few bloggers are fortunate enough to fall into, although it isn’t all luck. It takes a lot of work… like, a lot.

I haven’t been on her website in what feels like years, but it looks better than I ever remembered. Her emails to her mailing list and well-formatted and although they might be a bit long, this past one containing the article, was fairly entertaining and sadly representative of an alarmingly large part of the general population. 

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