Top Gadgets That Make Life Easy for Working Moms

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Take it from us – working moms don’t have it easy. Working women have to take care of their jobs, and then take care of their ‘jobs’ at home. Bring in a child, and it would appear almost magical how these ladies are able to do everything, still, and then take care of the demands of the baby too! And if that’s not commendable enough, there are working moms with more than one kid at home. The kind of stress, hustle, anxiety, and labor in their lives is beyond the grasp of words. The one quality that gets them through the trying phases of life is their will power, and that can neither be bought, nor gifted. However, we’ll tell you some pretty cool products that can make things easier. If you’re a working mom, or know one, just think about how these smart, practical, and exciting products can take care of little things, and add some breathing space in the lives of these lovely, brave, and indefatigable ladies.

Smart thermostat

Ask a working mom – entering into their homes with just the right micro climate takes away half the stress from their mind. That’s where a smart thermostat comes to the picture. You’ll find quite a few options in the market; for instance, the Ecobee. These smart thermostats can be controlled via smartphone apps, and make sure that working mothers are greeted with the perfect in-house atmosphere when they come back from work. Left your babies with a babysitter? These thermostats make sure you know the rooms are neither too hot, nor too cold – just perfect for the babies. What’s more, advanced smart thermostats also detect activity in a house, and can send alerts on the smartphone app.

Smart Home Assistant

Working mothers would agree – it helps to have someone to listen to you, and do as you say. Whether it’s Google Home or Amazon Echo, or any other home assistant smart speaker, life’s easier with one of them around. Working mothers can just ask the speaker to read them the latest headlines, play some lullabies to put the babies to sleep, switch off the lights in the other room (connecting with smart light switches), and even book a cab! Tech giants like Google and Amazon are working on making these speakers smarter, so that they can perform a lot more useful functions. Now that’s a great gift for a working mother, if ever there was one.

Smart Buttons

Too much technology, you think? Not quite, as smart buttons are here to make life easier for working mother. These buttons can be placed at convenient locations, and set up to integrate with your smartphone, smart speakers, smart switches, or any other internet enabled gadget. The idea – set the button to activate a command in any other device, and enjoy. Whether you want to dial a favorite content, send out a message, switch the lights in the other room off, turn on your smart thermostat, click a picture and post to Facebook, or locate your phone – smart buttons do it for you. Check out Flic, for instance; it’s a smart button that can be stuck anywhere, and made to tasks of the kinds discussed above.

Smart Doorbells

Anxiety of being away from home with your babies entrusted to a friend’s care back at home – that’s a nightmare working mothers have to bear pretty frequently. A great solution to this problem is – smart doorbells. These advanced doorbells come equipped with miniature yet powerful cameras with large fields of view. The best part, these cameras connect to your home Wi Fi, and replay real-time audio and video to your smartphone. This way, you get to know who’s around the house even when you’re at your office, or on a day trip to the nearby city. The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell is a perfect example; it’s a wireless, internet enabled doorbell that can send audio and video to your smartphone. Plus, it’s equipped with night vision, two-way talk, motion detectors, and HD video recording.

Jogging Stroller

Giving birth to baby leaves long-lasting impact on a woman’s body. And giving birth to two babies within a year or two is much more demanding on the body. After that, it becomes difficult for working mothers to indulge in healthy recreation such as brisk walking or jogging, when they have their babies in a stroller. Well, things are better when it’s a jogging stroller. These strollers are designed to enable women to jog and run, while keeping the stroller alongside. With 3 wheels, deep child seat, multiple harnesses to secure the child, and shock absorbers to manage movement on bumpy surfaces, a jogging stroller makes it possible for working mothers to stay fit, and keep their babies happy alongside.


Heard of Internet enabled tracking devices that are sized as small as coins? Admit it, you have too much to worry about as a working mother and just can’t afford to lose your keys, your smartphone, and your baby stroller! In the unfortunate case you do, here’s something that will tell you instantly where the lost object is. These trackers use Internet, Bluetooth, and GPS, or a mix of these technologies to keep a track of the object you attach them to. For instance, you can get updates of the tracker’s location on your smartphone application, or can make the tracker ring to find its location. Got a restless toddler who just can’t sit straight? Consider attaching a tracker to its clothes, and never lost track of its location.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the gadgets mentioned above, there are several other great options, such as smart cooking utensils that help mothers cook better, tastier, and healthier food than otherwise. Plus, there are premium apps that help mothers with inputs on all their queries about baby-care, and the art of managing work, family, and babies together. Try out some of these products, and bring in some ease and convenience to your lives.

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