4 Tips to Using a Rowing Machine

With the latest innovations and breakthroughs technology has enjoyed over the decades, the fitness industry has benefited a lot since then. In the past, fitness machines were limited and even hard to use, and one would need the assistance of a gym instructor which can cost some money and of course time in queuing for the turn to ask for assistance. Furthermore, fitness machines back then were very user-unfriendly and one would need to adjust to the machine in order to get to the right position. However, today, the story has definitely turned around. Fitness machines are very user-friendly, to the point that anyone can use it easily without asking for assistance. They are now very self-explanatory and simple. Fitness machines today have truly come a long way, that is why it is a lot of people have begun relying on them.

One of the most famous fitness machines known for its versatility and easy functionality is the rowing machine. Rowing machines allow the user to experience the feeling of rowing a boat. And we all know that rowing a boat is not easy: it requires a lot of arm and leg strength, not to mention the control and rhythm that you need to maintain in order to move the boat properly. With that being said, a simulated boat rowing is a good workout. Not only does it develop the leg muscles and arm strength, it also promotes proper posture and core development. If you are just starting to get interested in rowing machines or is already looking to use them in your routines, then here are 4 tips on how to use them from our expert friends at Body Gear Guide.

  1. Do not neglect the starting position

Proper posture must always be maintained when using the rowing machine. If you have a sore back after a few reps on the machine, then you are doing it wrong. First of all, when assuming the starting position, you need to sit with your back straight, then you pull the row until your legs are straight but knees unlocked. Therefore, your final posture must be at an obtuse angle with your backs straight. This will relieve your back of all the unnecessary pressure when doing the routine.

  1. Position of arms when pulling the row

A very common mistake even among advanced users on the rowing machine is that they pull their hands up to below their necks. This is a very common mistake as it unnecessarily over-stretches the muscles in your arms causing stress. The ideal position of your must be below your breast with both your elbows in a straight position.

  1. Messing up the order of the routine

Some people don’t know the proper order when working out with the rowing machine. When doing the workout, you will need to use your legs first and pull backward until your body is at a 45-degree angle. It is only then that you will use your arms to pull the row until it reaches below your chest with your backs on a straight obtuse angle. This is the ideal form that you must achieve in order to properly train your legs, arms, and core.

  1. Resistance settings

High-tech equipment is designed for beginners up to expert users. Therefore, there are settings that are for beginners and for experts. Never set the resistance to high if you are not an experienced user. Most beginners set the resistance at 1 or 2 until they perfect their form and increase the resistance to 3 or 4.

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