July 4th Workout

As you’re thinking of your afternoon barbecue, you mull over maybe getting a workout in before you stuff yourself like there’s no tomorrow. However, most gyms are closed today as it is a national holiday. But that never stopped you, right? No gym? No problem. No equipment? No problem. We have created a 7/4 (or July 4th) workout for you to do wherever–at home, at the park, at the beach, at the patio before you eat that burger, etc. In the spirit of 7/4, it’s:

7 exercises

30 seconds each

4 rounds


Total that up and it’s around 15 minutes. More if you rest. I think you can spare that on this glorious day of America’s independence. Try to take as little rest as possible in the rounds but allow yourself some sucking-air time in between each round. Your body and mind will be appreciative of this workout–a hungry body and a guilt-free mind. No excuses on this one, you only need a little time and no equipment! Please comment below if you’re unsure on how to do any of the exercises above. Have fun, happy 4th, and stay hungry and fit!

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