TGIF Workout

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Another week has passed and I hope you have some fun (or relaxing) things planned this weekend. Get jazzed up! But you know what will make this weekend even better? A TGIF workout. Yep, you knew it was coming. No, it’s not just because we’re fitness freaks. Getting some exercise in before a weekend can make you feel so much better. We tend to get a little lax when it comes to eating over the weekend, so doing a workout beforehand can remove some guilt that may creep up. This one is for anywhere, you just need to find some type of hill! If you are using a treadmill, just put that incline up!


This one will have you gasping for breath and sweating, but it’s worth it! It’s good to push yourself and do things to your body that you normally don’t do. Remember, the body is constantly trying to adapt, so when you throw new workouts at it, it’ll have a much tougher time adapting. Let us know how you like this workout and as always, stay hungry and fit!

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