FriYAY Workout

We made it to Friday! I know some of us don’t have typical M-F jobs, but there’s still something about Friday that gets the happy dance going. We’re scooting through work with weekend plans on our mind and rejuvenation in our hearts. Maybe we have something scheduled for tonight–a party, a barbecue, an outing of some sort. We are looking forward to getting done with the day so we can embrace the weekend! But wait! What about a workout? A workout on a Friday?! Don’t roll your eyes at me. You don’t even need to go to the gym for this one. Just set aside twenty minutes (max) and do this before you get ready for your fun weekend. Get it done–at least one round, but why not three! 


See? Not so hard. And now your heart is pumping, endorphins are released, and you feel good about yourself. You can bring that positivity in with you to the weekend and share it with everyone you spend time with. Workouts don’t always have to mean spending an hour at the gym–home workouts that fit in your schedule can be huge for your progress. A smaller workout is better than no workout at all. Try to keep rest to a minimum for an even tougher workout! If you have any questions on the exercises listed, please comment below and we will be sure to walk you through it. And let’s be honest…even if it’s not Friday, this is still a great at-home workout. Use this FRIYAY workout to stay hungry and fit!

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