3 Interesting Health Facts about Living in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most underappreciated states in the United States. It is a modest state with a booming population and economy. It is not too crowded and has kept its touch with Mother Nature. It is well-known for the Grand Canyon and its hot deserts. Although people say that Arizona is hot, snow visits the state every now and then. There are many facts that people do not know about Arizona when it comes to living healthy. Unlike other states, Arizona is ranked 34th in the list of the most obese states although the state promotes athleticism and healthy living. Arizona may not be well-known unlike the other states in the US but they still keep their pride when it comes to health. Here are some interesting health facts about Arizona and the advantages of living there.

  1.    World Class Rehabilitation Centers

Arizona is home to many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. They provide better services for people who want to change their old habits. They feature luxurious rehab centers and are very friendly to alcohol or drug dependent people. Thanks to their warm and welcoming climate it will surely help you detoxify your old habits. Overall, their rehab centers are top of the line, from the food and nutrition, to accommodations and the effectiveness of treatment. Many people have visited Arizona for the chance to change and the state never gave up on them. They value every life, even the ones who are lost and want to find their way back. If you have someone you love who wants to be sober, visit Arizonadrugrehab.com to find out more.

  1.    Healthy People

Arizona belongs to the bottom when it comes to health risk-related issues such as obesity, heart attack, and hypertension. In obesity, they ranked 34th in 51 states, in heart attack deaths, they ranked 47th from highest to lowest. They also have longer life spans compared to other states. They may not be the healthiest state but they maintain their health risk numbers to a minimum. 

  1.     Good Terrain for All Healthy Activities

Arizona has a series of flat lands, gorges, mountains and valleys. It is perfect for activities that will promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. It is perfect for an outgoing and willful personality. You can take advantage of the terrain for rock or mountain climbing. You can also do kayaking and rafting thanks to the Colorado River. All you have to do is take advantage of the terrain. Hiking and rock climbing are also perfect there. If you love nature and all the things it provides, then you can call Arizona your home.

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