Top 10 Movie Countdown

The Brain Trust is back and bigger than ever, but this time we’re conquering movies! Every Sunday for the next 13 weeks, you’re going to find out what movies we love. We bring to you…Hungry & Fit’s Top 10 Movie Countdown! Next week, you can expect to see Honorable Mentions from everyone. You might think that will help you guess what’s coming next, but we have such a variety of personalities here, we’d be surprised if you could guess.

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Now.. Top 10 can mean a lot of things. It can be 10 best, 10 favorite, 10 most influential, 10 most watched, etc. It can mean the 10 movies you’d bring to the Moon if you could only watch 10 movies for the rest of your life. It’s totally up to the individuals in the Brain Trust in how they create their Top 10. 

After we count down the Top 10, we’ll compile the lists and come up with a “consensus” Top 5 list. We’d imagine that this list will have even fewer repeats than our Top 25 Video Game Countdown because there are so many movies out there. Here’s the release schedule to help you visualize what to expect, although it’s pretty straightforward.

Week 1 – Announcement

Week 2 – Intros & Honorable Mentions

Week 3 – Number 10

Week 4 – Number 9

Week 5 – Number 8

Week 6 – Number 7

Week 7 – Number 6

Week 8 – Number 5

Week 9 – Number 4

Week 10 – Number 3

Week 11 – Number 2

Week 12 – Number 1

Week 13 – Top 5

You’ll find out more about the individuals in the Brain Trust when they reveal their Honorable Mentions next week!

Stay tuned, stay hungry and fit!

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