LA’s Best Burger and Fries? (Humble Potato Review)

It’s a very dangerous game at play when you declare that your goal is to go out to eat every week at a different place. Why? Because temptation. Desire. Lust, if you will. While fighting off all of those primal feelings, and avoiding ordering our favorite pizza, we ventured into areas surrounding Culver City to find new eateries. Why? Maybe we were feeling adventurous or maybe we thought we’d been slacking as food bloggers. Either way… this happened.

Stumble to Humble. I can’t remember how this happened. I think we were wandering around Washington, knowing that it is full of amazing eateries. While Humble Potato wasn’t on our list before, despite a very chilly meal there, it is now. Why? Because they have the best burger and fries in LA. But don’t take my word for it; we want you to go and tell us if you think we’re out of our minds. (We already know that we are!)


It’s an American comfort food style eatery that is heavily influenced by the Hawaiian cuisine… that is heavily influenced by Japanese cuisine. I love Japanese style curries… rich and generous, with a nice slow heat that builds up and makes your nose run. They make a mean curry and they put it on top of fries that already excel in both flavor and texture to create the ultimate fry dish. Or if you want to live a simpler life, you can go with their tater tots, which bring you back to your childhood.


Now, onto the burgers. Fit was more than pleased with the vegetarian tempeh burger (it was full of flavor and felt like a real burger in volume), even though the menu is lacking options for non-meat eaters. I’m sure that might be tweaked in the future because it will increase their number of return customers. When it comes to the carnivores, they have no need to make any changes. While we’ve now sampled a few of their burgers, the Battle Royale reigns supreme. 

What do you want in a burger? Well, everything that you’re looking for is right here inside these two well-toasted and bouncy buns. I don’t think I’ve ever used bouncy to describe any food… maybe jello, but trust me, it’s a good thing. Even though their food is all extremely rich and decadent, their use of spice and acid cuts right through it and allows you to finish your plate… if your stomach is big enough. 


It’s May 2017 and if I want a burger & fries, I’m going to Humble Potato. Just make sure you bring a windbreaker because the outdoor seating can be chilly at night. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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