Meditation for Peace

Life is tumultuous. It’s not easy and it’s certainly messy. Our own life can be stressful, and then add on all the events happening across the world. It’s hard to find clarity, balance, and peace among the mess. It’s hard to pause and take a moment to be, instead of stressing over this or over-thinking that. However, it’s paramount that we take a second and stop. We pull in the gratitude and focus on being in the present. We realize life’s not so bad and that perspective is important. I’ve designed this meditation to focus on peace. Try it out!


Find somewhere comfortable to stand, sit, or lay down.

Take a few moments to find your breath. If it helps, put your hand on your tummy. Feel it rise and fall. Follow your breath.

If it helps, count your breath from 1 to 10. Inhale 1, exhale 2. Do this until you can focus solely on your breath. It’s okay if other thoughts come, simply guide your awareness back to the breath.

Now, let’s do a body scan. Start at the top of your head and go down.

Once you’ve finished your body scan, imagine your chest opening up, welcoming and accepting peace inside of you. Open up your heart and let it all in. Watch the feeling of peace flow into you. Try to visualize this.

Once you feel like you are opening up to peace, allow compassion to come to the party too. Let it pour into you. Allow yourself to smile.

Bathe in these feelings for a few more moments: feel how good it is to let peace and compassion in.

When you feel ready, turn back to your breath.

Open your eyes and try to keep those feelings present as you go about your day.

Allowing peace to come in and fill you can be a very powerful feeling. It can help you let go of things bearing down on your and lift a weight off your shoulders. It lets you view others in a more compassionate light and in turn treat them better. It’s a wonderful, refreshing way to start or end the day. It’s like a breath of fresh air or diving into cool water. It can shake things up and renew your perspective. I encourage you to try this meditation in order to stay hungry and fit!

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