Friday Workout (No Equipment Needed)

It’s Friday. You want to go out and drink or eat or spend time with loved ones. You don’t feel like going to the gym for an hour. I hear you, but don’t give up on your results! Continue the journey wherever you are. You don’t always need a gym for a good workout, so I designed a quick at-home circuit you can do with no equipment. Listen to Nike, and just do it. So before you grab that taco, grab your workout clothes and get to it!


See? Not too bad, but tough enough to make you sweat. It only takes a little willpower to get your workout started, and then you’re in it to win it! I dare you to do this workout before you embark on your night’s festivities. You are going to feel so much better about whatever you eat or drink tonight. Working out can give you great confidence, burn calories, and strengthen the body. Doing it before you go out or have a fun event can boost your time! Exercise on Fridays to stay hungry and fit!

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