Setting Goals for the Month

Every month, we set five goals in five categories. We write them down on a sheet and it looks like a Bingo Board. We treat it that way too, setting ourselves up for next month’s goals and sometimes rewarding ourselves with a nice meal out if we hit BINGO! The five categories include Alana, Chris, Hungry & Fit, Home, and in 2017, we decided to add the fifth… Fun!

This month, for one of my personal goals, I set a goal that I know I most likely won’t be able to reach. It’s not a do this in one day sort of thing, so it’s more challenging. I wanted to, by the end of the month, run 4 miles in 32 minutes while still totaling 995 lbs in the big three lifts: deadlift, squat, and bench press. The lifts had to be competition grade, so basically… no cheating allowed. Unfortunately, a major bump came in the road when my ingrown toenails flared up and got really bad, to the point that they hurt just while laying in bed. Now, I know what you’re thinking… that’s a huge EXCUSE and it could be way worse. I’ve finished basketball games with fractured ankles, swam in collegiate meets with a leg immobilizer on, and much more. 


The issue is that my strategic approach needs to be thrown out the window at this point. I was planning on running every day. For the first week of the month, I was running a three-day split. I had half-mile, mile, and two-mile runs at an 8 minute pace to gradually build up to my 4 miles in 32 minutes. Now, I haven’t run in nearly three weeks and there’s only one way I can hit my goal… push through the pain and just get it done.


As of last week, I had clean lifts for a squat of 295, a deadlift of 385, and a bench of 245. That was during a full workout and without any assistance whatsoever. With a belt, some knee sleeves, etc, I should have no problem getting to the 315 squat, 405 deadlift, and 275 bench I need to reach 995.


What’s the point of all this? You might set goals, but you need to adapt. Instead of giving up completely, think of different ways to achieve the goals and even when strategy fails… do what you need to do in order to get it done… because giving up is not a part of being hungry and fit!

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