Our 1000th Post!

On August 14th, 2012, we arrived in Boulder, Colorado with nothing but a 1998 Ford Taurus filled with everything we owned. We didn’t have jobs, a place to live, or money… but we had each other and decided that would be enough to make it. After loading up our credit cards and with student loans of over $50,000 we decided that the best place to go was the Boulder Public Library. Fortunately, we found jobs relatively fast, even though we both were hired as part-time hourly staff.

We finally found an apartment, but we couldn’t furnish it, so we pulled a futon from the dumpster and slept on that for months. Eventually, when we felt comfortable enough, we adopted Nymeria and Misty, and everything else is history! Over four and a half years later, you’ve followed our journey through 1000 posts on this blog! What started as a “personal blog” turned into a “food and fitness blog” that sat under Hungry & Fit LLC. 


Despite personal and professional changes, we decided not only to continue with H&F, but to try new things and see it grow and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. But before we think about the future, let’s reflect on the past a bit, with some of our favorite moments and highlights, because we’ve published 1000 posts in about 1700 days…. that’s nearly a post every other day! Oh, and somehow, our followers thought Chris was Hungry and Alana was Fit, even though we never set that, but what the heck… you all put that in place so it just stayed that way.

Fit really saw huge amounts of success for her baking recipes! She had a recipe featured on the front page of CNN.com, as well as countless other recipes featured on best-of lists and re-blogged on other websites. She also saw her article about Women with Strong Bodies featured on Slant.com, where it gained over 60,000 views in a few days. Fit also spearheaded efforts to work with blog agencies and groups in the food and fitness industry, which led us to campaigns with some major brands. Our biggest campaign was probably with Silk, but there are countless other companies to add to that list.

Hungry’s really taken to writing reviews, although he won’t call himself a critic because there are professionals who do that. His proudest moments were seeing some of his restaurant reviews featured next to Zagat, major print publications in the Denver area, and online juggernauts. Hungry also received some coverage by both local, national, and international fitness publications for being a top personal trainer. Finally, he led our effort to become one of Optimum Nutrition‘s top influencers, which has created some fun YouTube videos.

We could talk about all the amazing moments from the blog, all of the great people and companies that we’ve worked with, etc, but we want to really just thank all of you for keeping us going. If we hadn’t received such an amazing response, we would’ve stopped a long time ago and now we’re thrilled to help new bloggers start their journeys. Here’s to the next 1000 posts and five more years… we can’t wait to see where we’ll be then!

And for the 1000th time… stay hungry and fit!

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  1. Randy Powell

    April 25, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    I also can’t wait to see what the next 1000 posts bring. I’m proud of you both – Hungry & Fit – carry on, explore, nurture and discover….Who knows what you’ll find. You just made my (very long Las Vegas) day.