Hungry & Fit Cookbook!

Well… this is EXCITING!

We decided, for some strange reason, to publish a cookbook and we want your help! Here’s the idea: we use some of the countless recipes that we’ve posted on the website and throw them into a cookbook with some amazing photos. We also come up with some surprise new recipes that we cook often at home but have never shared with you!


We’re going to split it up based on what you can and can’t eat because that’s how we live! There will be a carnivore section, a pescatarian section, and a vegetarian section. I’m not sure if we’ll have enough to create vegan and gluten-free sections but there will certainly be some recipes in there for everyone. What should you expect and how will it be different from other cookbooks? Remember what we stand for… you can find a way to live happily and healthily without making too many sacrifices. Basically, you can have your cake and eat it to and we’ll provide the hacks you need to get there. It will include meals from breakfast to dinner, savory dishes, and lots of desserts. 


Obviously, we’ll also make these recipes all for beginner chefs so you can make them at home. No crazy equipment or techniques here because we want everyone to be able to make them. How can you help? Let us know what some of your favorite recipes that we’ve shared and also let us know which one of your favorite dishes you want us to make more “hungry and fit” so we can start now.


We’re shooting for a late 2017 release so it’s available for the holidays because we can guarantee you that it will be a great gift. We’ll also be accepting FIVE guest recipes where you’ll be featured in the cookbook so please send your submissions to! Stay hungry and fit! 

Remember: Post a comment saying which recipes you’d like to see in the cookbook or any other ideas!

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