Frostbeard Studio Candles: Coziness You Can Smell

My friends at work make fun of me all the time for my new-found love of candles. Well, maybe not that I just love candles, but my weird rules that I make up for using them. I like different candles for different seasons (usually just centered around Fall and Winter), but I also don’t put a candle away until it’s done–I must burn it all the way through! I had underestimated my winter candle’s length of burning time and I was two weeks late for my Spring candle I’ve been so excited about (weird, I know). I recently got into candles in the past year. I started out with normal candles you’d find at Marshall’s or whatnot, but I found a wealth of more fun-themed candles online. These include nerdy candles (duh, have you ever met me?!). I’ve found a particularly excellent collection over at Frostbeard Studio.

Frostbeard Studio has a collection of “bookish” candles, meaning most of their candles have something to do with books. That could be based on actual stories from books (Christmas at the Burrow is one of my particular favorites) or just based on physical books themselves (i.e.: Old Books). As you know, we are avid readers AND big-time nerds at Hungry & Fit. I love this company because they are both celebrating nerdiness and making nerds around the country happy but also promoting more reading! They come up with such interesting candles and smells, I’m always staying on top of what they’re producing next.

Thus far, I’ve bought about three candles for myself and more for others. The candles I bought have been decently sized and will burn for a good amount of time. The flame is nice and healthy and the wicks don’t crumple into themselves. The candles I have purchased from Frostbeard are Winterfell, Christmas at the Burrow, and The Shire (which I’m burning right now for springtime!). Each candle is infused with different ingredients and smells. Sometimes a lot of candles smell the same, but you won’t find that to be the case here. For Winterfell, they used Scotch pine and firewood to bring that woodsy winter smell, perfect for cold winters and quiet days. For Christmas at the Burrow, it was all about holiday ingredients like cinnamon and vanilla. And finally, I’m enjoying The Shire right now which is infused with clover, oakmoss, aloe, and even a trace of pipe tobacco! 

candle 1

What I love about the creators of these candles (a couple based out of Minnesota) is that they stay true to whatever theme, setting, or place they are going after. The Shire? A hint of tobacco because Hobbits love their pipeweed. Pemberley Gardens? They’ll plop you right into Pride & Prejudice with flowery scents. I’m sure it would be easy to go generic for each candle (they have dozens of different themed ones), but they use their creativity and knowledge of the books and use their craft and skill to produce something that’s just really special

candle 3

We aren’t sponsored by them or getting any money for blabbing about them, but I like to post about products I love and Frostbeard has made its way into that sphere! I would like to share the love along with you, dear readers, and offer a coupon code for any first-time buyers. If you put in BOOKISH at check-out, you will get 10% off your first order. Take a gander through all of their inventory and I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy. These candles make incredible gifts and they ship to most of the world! I hope you will get a kick out of these candles just as much as I do–they are a great companion to cozying up with a book. And as always, stay hungry and fit!



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  1. Kai

    April 9, 2017 at 8:49 am

    Woah those are awesome!

    • hungryandfit

      April 10, 2017 at 8:05 pm

      Really neat!