5 Kitchen Must-Haves!

We’ve been all about doing more with less this year because… less is more, right? Or is more, more? Oh well, you get the idea. Since we love cooking so much and we want to empower everyone else to feel comfortable in the kitchen, we’re giving you a less-is-more kitchen supply list. Here are 5 must-have items for your kitchen. If you have these, and nothing else, besides ingredients (and obviously forks, spoons, plates, etc.) then you’ll be able to make just about anything!


1. Cutting Board – It’s important to use a real cutting board when chopping, dicing, slicing, and prepping food. This helps keep the food clean, the kitchen clean, everything safe to eat, and helps you stay organized. We’ve had a lot of wooden/bamboo ones break in the past, so this non-sliding and durable option is perfect for a new chef.

2. Cast Iron Skillet Sure, we love our high-quality non-stick pan that cost… $200. Unfortunately, that’s not in everyone’s price range, but this cast-iron skillet is the perfect size for utility cooking… aka, making just about anything you need. Remember to avoid cleaning it with your normal dish-soap and to dry it on your burner to avoid rust. Also, you can easily use this for baking as well!

3. Mixing Bowls People are picky about vegetables and salad, but in our household, they’re the most flavorful dish you can enjoy. Why? Because after throwing in all the components, we add our home-made vinaigrette (do you want the recipe?) and then toss it in the bowl. Heck, we even serve and eat it out of the mixing bowl, which is so easy to clean. Mixing bowls are also so important for baking and… pancakes!

4. Nakiri Knife – There are dozens of different major knife companies and tons of different kinds of knives. While a traditional chef’s knife is a very useful tool, we find the Japanese Nakiri knives to do just as good of a job. And since we want you to eat more veggies, this knife is perfect for you. It’s a solid piece of steel that doesn’t need a whole lot of force behind it. You should, however, watch some videos online to make sure you’re cutting properly! (Do you want some tutorials?) Also, this specific knife isn’t too expensive since you should start with something less expensive before making a big investment in a Shun knife, or something even more expensive.

5. Measuring Cups – Since these are kitchen must-haves and not just cooking must haves, we’ve included measuring cups. Sure, measuring cups will help you make that perfect BBQ sauce or follow a recipe perfectly, but you need to use them for baking. NO questions asked about that. These cups are fun and easy to store in the kitchen. Just remember to be careful depending on whether you’re measuring wet or dry ingredients!

Let us know what your favorite kitchen essentials are below, because cooking at home is actually, probably, the best way to stay hungry and fit!

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