5 Desserts That You Have to Make Her

We’re still always so humbled when we see our material shared. Recently, we saw one of our favorite dessert recipes shared by a random woman and she tagged her husband on the post and wrote “…” after it. We can only imagine that she wants him to make that dessert for her. Now, if you know us well, you’ll know that Hungry does most of the cooking and Fit does most of the baking, and we think that might be the case in many other couples. 


You can only imagine how good it feels for both sides when the Mr. provides the Mrs. with a very sweet treat. It’s oh-so-rewarding and in order to help you find that moment of bliss in your lives, we’re giving you our top 5 desserts that he has to make for her. These are very simple, don’t require too much brain power or math, and still amazingly delicious. And, it seems obvious, but we’re going to start the list with the recipe that inspired this post!

1. Stove-to-Oven Apple Crumble


2. Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie


3. Passion Fruit Pudding Cake


4. Yogurt Mini Cheesecake


5. Stuffed Strawberries


Obviously, any partner can make this for each other, we are just sharing it from our perspective. Let us know what your favorite desserts to make at home are, because having a sweet treat sometime can help you stay hungry and fit!



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