Hungry & Fit Purchased By Media Giant

It’s with heavy hearts and loaded pockets that we are announcing some major news. Last night, we finally closed a deal with a European Union Media Mogul in his acquisition of the Hungry & Fit blog. Now, in full transparency, the agreement did not include the Hungry & Fit LLC company that we created and registered both federally and through the state of Colorado. It simply included the domain name (for this website) and all of the contents/publications on the site. 


Now, it’s hard to say what will happen with the website. We’re not going to have any part in it and some of the partnerships that were created might no longer exist. That will be up to him and his team to decide and figure out, but we’re hoping that it doesn’t really change. With that being said, we, again, have no idea what will happen.

An individual who has grown an online mega-presence over the past decade, mainly through e-commerce in Europe, has recently decided to try to take over the world of online fitness and after thorough searches, he decided that Hungry & Fit would be a nice way in/part of his collection, or so it seems to us. He probably has the drive and resources to purchase many others like us, but again, we really don’t know much about it.

Even though we never planned on selling Hungry & Fit, in fact… the blog was the last thing we thought we’d ever stop, life has changed… we’ve become extremely busy, have taken on new projects, and are moving out of the fitness field. We will still, probably, continue to workout a few days a week. We’ll also continue to eat a lot of food and ice cream. In fact, with all of the money from this agreement, we’re probably going to eat at a lot of nice restaurants. 

Oh well, Hungry is going to spend more time working with animals and Fit is going to continue writing her sci-fi novel. We’re not really sure, and we don’t really have a way of keeping you updated, but please keep an eye on our personal Facebook and Instagram pages to stay in touch. Thanks for all of the support over the years in all of ours efforts to stay hungry and fit. Oh, and one last thing… 



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