The Ramen Joint (Westchester, Los Angeles)

Ramen in LA is as common as concrete in K-town. It’s everywhere, and every single place, claims to be the best. Every single place has a cult following of people who will tell you the same. This happened when I went down to visit a friend who worked in Westchester and wanted to go to The Ramen Joint and I told her… this better be good.


I’m not a fan of waiting to eat. There are so many good places to chow in LA, you don’t have to. Still, she insisted, but the large number of parties outside in the drizzling rain quickly went in and out this joint. Why? Because they want to get you in and out as quickly as possible. Usually I don’t mind this, but when the server tries taking your bowl, without asking, when you have half of your broth left… that’s bad customer service. And that is where my only criticism comes into play. Customer service. I have to knock them for that and also for neglecting my egg. I had to call someone over to bring it, but I wasn’t disappointed, because it was cooked well.


As for the ramen… it excelled in my two most crucial areas, which are flavor and texture. The broth was rich with golden thickness, but not congealing in any place. All of the components, with added corn and garlic chips, added something to the dish. It wasn’t too simple, nor was it filled with random odds and ends. It was complete.

The broth wasn’t the most flavorful I’ve had in LA, but it didn’t need anything added. We know we’ve all been to places where you have to pour furikake or soy sauce in because it basically tastes like water. Not an issue here, although again, improvements could be made. Finally, the price point is extremely reasonable. 4 stars on yelp– I would return. As always, stay hungry and fit!

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