How to Clean A Barbell

We’re specifically addressing rust here. Say you’ve had a barbell outside for a while and it starts to rust–don’t throw it out! That would be wasteful and also hurt the bank! That’s why we want to show you how to clean a barbell, so you don’t feel like you have to toss it if it’s not looking the way you want it to. Not all barbells are created equal, so cleaning the inside after taking it apart can be a little different based on what you’re using. If you do, however, find your barbell starting to rust, here’s an easy and CHEAP way to take that rust off and make it look new again. 


You’ll NEED two things, but here is a list of a few extras that will make this easier:

1. WD-40

2. Aluminum Foil 

(3. Rag)

(4. Gloves)

Now, you can also throw down some newspaper for an easy cleanup and/or use different steel brushes instead of the aluminum foil, but we think this is the easiest way.

First, apply a small spray of the WD-40 into the rag. Apply the WD-40 via the rag onto the rusted parts of the barbell. Take the other side of the rag and place the aluminum foil inside of it. Rub the rusted areas. It might take a little elbow grease but it won’t take much time at all to see the rust go away. That’s it!

Now, there might be some strange aluminum dust particles on the floor, your hands, and the bar. I’d just use another side of the rag to wipe that all off and you’re set. It’s that easy. Clean your barbells to stay hungry and fit!

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