Doing Dessert at Home

We saw a really funny meme the other night. It showed someone’s meals logged throughout the day and the first 4-5 were all super healthy. The final one was a pint of ice cream and chocolate chips cookies and it’s sad, but true. We think that more people can relate to that than you might initially think, because it’s extremely hard to fight your sweet tooth the whole day.


Well, we don’t want you to be faced with that sad reality so we’re giving you some options about how you can finish the day strong and deal with dessert at home all by yourself. You’ll see a picture above of a ton of cannolis that we received via delivery. They were delicious and were actually a Valentine’s Day treat, but in this context, they’re an example of what you can avoid. Why? Because they’re expensive AND you don’t know exactly what they contain

The next picture contains what you might consider a step in the right direction. This Buff Bake Almond Spread is made by a company that is trying to make dessert healthier in the way of containing more protein. Sure, it’s still processed and it’s not the most affordable option, but for those of you who track your macros this is a great option. You can just eat it by the spoon because it’s really delicious or use it in recipes!


The next one is a simple yet delicious concept. Take some of your favorite fruit, such as peaches, and throw them in the broiler or on the grill. Once they’re at that point of optimal deliciousness where they basically melt in your mouth, throw some marscapone or greek yogurt on top and use some balsamic nectar. If you go with greek yogurt, this dessert can be extremely cost-effective and very delicious, but not for someone afraid of carbs. Still, anyone can pull this off whether you’re a chef or a novice.


Finally, if you’re a little more skilled or just have some confidence around the kitchen, you can follow THIS delicious apple crumble recipe. It’s a real treat and is extremely cost-effective, but if you throw some greek yogurt on top you’re looking at a significant amount of protein with the oats. Remember, dessert doesn’t need to be fancy or unhealthy, it can be fun and affordable. Let us know what you favorite desserts at home are while you stay hungry and fit!


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