We Baked a Cake for Optimum Nutrition!

How long have we been talking about this, seriously? We know it’s been quite some time since we first told you, but the footage is finally here. Juan Esguerra from Iron Fortitude filmed and edited everything to come up with this full-length release. In this video, you’ll find out some key tips on how to bake at home, specifically with some healthy ingredients such as protein


This is definitely a healthier concept and while there isn’t a written recipe, you could follow along and come up with something similar. You might want to keep a pen and paper nearby so you can take some notes, but we’re mainly here to have a good time, celebrate Optimum Nutrition’s 30th Anniversary, and show you that it’s possible to make just about anything with protein powder. 

HERE is the video on the one and only YouTube. Likes, comments, and subscribing is always appreciated, but please leave us feedback. We could make videos that are recipes, tutorials on how to do certain things in the kitchen, or make it more fun with flashing lights and way shorter! Just let us know what you want!

Enjoy, don’t drool too much all over your computer or phone, and as always remember to stay hungry and fit! 

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