New Projects on the Way

Hey Hungry & Fit World,

With everything that’s been going on around the world and in our lives, we’re trying to stay in positive spirits and have some fun. You know… make the best out of everything because that’s really the easiest way to be happy and healthy. We know that there has been a lack of content lately on the blog. That’s going to change quickly and to make sure we always have enough ideas, PLEASE, let us know what you want! You can either leave a comment below or send us a form of direct message. 

How can this not make you smile?!

How can this not make you smile?!

One area where you’ll need to keep an eye out is not only on our normal social media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram, but also on our Twitter & Pinterest. Finally, there will be a lot more content coming out on YouTube, which will be both fun and educational. Again, let us know if you want demonstration on how to prepare certain foods or perform specific exercises. The more information you give us, the easier it will be for us to cater our delivery to you!

Hungry has a lot more free time on his hands so he’ll be using the amazing new computer that Fit gave him for Christmas in order to make sure these videos make their way to you on a regular schedule. Hungry will also have the ability to perform private training sessions via Skype, but we have to emphasize how quickly these sessions get booked. Please reach out now to get in his schedule before it’s packed! Remember to mention that you’re a follower on the blog for some special deals.


For now, we want to share with you an overly dramatic and fun project that Hungry put together. He’s been asked for tours of the new apartment and a day in the life video including some meals so that’s exactly what he’s working on, but until then, you’ll have to get excited by watching the trailer on YouTube. ENJOY THIS and remember, staying positive and keeping your chin up is crucial if you want to stay hungry and fit!

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