The Next Steps after the Women’s March

I attended the Women’s March in Los Angeles on Saturday and boy, was it inspiring. There was an incredible feeling of solidarity, empowerment, and action! There were around 750,000 people at the march (more like a rally)–and that was just in Los Angeles! We took over Downtown LA. There were infants to grandparents, men and women, all races, multiple religions, all marching to be heard. I marched to show that no matter who is in control of the country, we will not be silent and we will fight for equality and respect. This march wasn’t just for women–it was for all whose voices have been ignored.


It wasn’t just a day’s activity, this is part of a MOVEMENT. A fight for equality, a crusade that is as old as civilization itself but re-energized. The empowerment, toughness, and solidarity I found yesterday inspired me… had me riding the flow of a common strength from millions, that–we shall overcome.

IMG_8590 IMG_8600

I wore my Wonder Woman shirt the next day because this is who we all need to be. The younger generation fills me with excitement and I’m thrilled to be the catalyst to their new way of life, something most of us won’t experience. A march is not a stationary term, it is fluid, it continues“to walk in a deliberate manner; ADVANCE in step in an organized body.”

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This fight, that has been fought for thousands of years, will only be progressed if the marchers march on each day forward. Use your frustration, your hurt, your shame–use it for good. Stand together, raise your voices together, and move!


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