Vegan, Gluten-Free Protein Bar

As you know, here at Hungry & Fit, we are big Sunwarrior fans. We’ve talked about it three times (here, here, and here) because we can’t get enough of their products. Sunwarrior is a supplement company focused on all the right things: plant-based, non-GMO, and organic. There are also bonuses for people with dietary restrictions as many of their products are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. We’ve enjoyed many of their products in the past including but not limited to a variety of protein powders, superfood powders, and natural energy. However, they’ve come out with a new product that we are very excited about–a protein bar!


Eating a protein bar is my favorite way of getting protein besides eating wild-caught fish–it really feels like you’re eating something, not just drinking a supplement. However, not all protein bars are created equal. We are very happy to present the Sōl Good Protein Bars–Sunwarrior’s brand new product. This protein bar was on caliber with Optimum Nutrition’s protein bar, but the Sol Good bar was totally plant-based which I love. The flavors of the Sol Good bars are wonderful. My personal favorite was the Cinnamon Roll one, of course. You could really taste the cinnamon and the sweetness, but it wasn’t overpowering. It reminded me of biting into a creamy cinnamon roll. The texture is not too one-note–different enough that it’s not boring to eat.

dsc_0038 dsc_0039

So let’s talk about stats. Sol Good bars range from 17-19g protein and are under 255 calories per bar. They are made with brown rice, yellow peas, quinoa, and sunflower butter. They are bars that are chock full of goodness and don’t make you feel weird after. For me, it’s a great snack and keeps me going. Sunwarrior is a company committed to creating healthful products and they have certainly kept to that with the Sol Good bars. Eat these protein bars to stay hungry and fit!


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