How to Get Over…Overeating

If you were in America last week, you probably celebrated Thanksgiving. I don’t want to get into the politics of Thanksgiving at this time, so let’s talk about what type of eating goes down during Thanksgiving. A ridiculous type of eating…eating to the point of making yourself sick. Thanksgiving meals are usually feasts with bounties of different dishes. Alcohol doesn’t help either. Also, if you’re cooking for the event, you have more of a chance to snack while you go. All in all, that Thanksgiving day is a day to go big or go home. And most of us go too big so that we can’t move in order to go home. One of the worst things that follows this meal is…guilt. Yup, an emotion that can have a powerful negative effect on you for a long time. So let’s talk about how to get over it. These tips aren’t just for Thanksgiving overeating, they apply to every time you overeat!


1. Get some perspective. You didn’t just ruin your life. You didn’t really ruin your diet. It was one meal. I can’t describe how insignificant that is in the perspective of your life! You can get up and keep going and this memory will blend in with the rest. It’s not as big of a deal as you think. Take a step back and take a breath. It’s okay. 

2. Be more active. So you ate a lot. What helps with that? Moving more! Whether that means going for more (or longer) walks or adding more workouts to your week. I know that it’s been a few days since Thanksgiving, but this will help you recover faster. Instead of watching a 30-minute program on TV, go for a walk or do some push-ups at home. 

3. Keep it light until you recover. You ate a really big meal, so let’s keep it in check for a little bit. Eat more greens, more salads, avoid heavy things like cheesy mashed potatoes. Have more small meals that don’t weigh you down. This will help you get in a better mental frame!

4. Plan for future times where overeating is possible. Even if the holidays weren’t in full force, there are times year-round where overeating is encouraged. Think about the next probable time and make a plan for avoid the overeating you just committed. Maybe this time you’ll use a smaller plate, or eat a lot of salad before, or just keep it to one glass of wine. Never throw yourself to the wolves by not making a plan before these socially-pressured eating events. 

5. Pick a reason why you love yourself. Not to get sentimental on you, but keeping a positive attitude about yourself is essential to progress. Getting negative and hopeless gives way to lack of motivation and eventual despair. Choose one thing about yourself that you really like and pat yourself on the back for it. 

Get outside and get active!

Get outside and get active!

These are more so to help with your mental health than physical, really. At the end of the day, your mind controls your body so it’s important to keep it healthy and happy. It’s really about perspective and realizing that overeating won’t kill you. It may nudge you off your path somewhat, but not irreversibly. Remember, keep your head up and move on. After all, you have goals to conquer! Stay positive to stay hungry and fit!

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