Optimum Nutrition 30th Birthday Giveaway!

(This post was written and the computer deleted it, so good luck to our memory to write the exact… same… thing. We keep it real over here.

30 years. I think you’d have a hard time convincing a lot of people who modern-day supplement companies have existed for over three decades, but that wasn’t the case at the 2016 Olympia when Optimum Nutrition, the gold standard in the industry, threw a huge party in Vegas. Although I grew up in gyms and around fitness, I really didn’t start taking any supplements until 2007, but for the last decade as I’ve grown both personally and professionally in the fitness industry, there have been very few standards that have remained constant. Optimum Nutrition has been one of them, and they’ve done so by taking a smarter approach than any of their competition.


Enough with the science and statistics. Let’s take a moment to celebrate something amazing. To do so, we decided to host an open workout at an undisclosed gym in Hollywood where we challenged people to do some ridiculous stuff including one-armed pull-ups and 100 push-ups. Everyone that participated received some awesome swag and some of those individuals decided to send us some pictures of them sporting the gear. Usually, you wouldn’t expect a supplement company to come out with great gear, but we received rave reviews.




The tee-shirts make you feel like a fitness model because of how well they fit, the bags expand and are extremely durable, and everyone LOVED the snap-backs. We do like to stay objective so on that note, the towels weren’t up to par with everything else. With all that being said, in the holiday spirit, we held onto one snap-back and towel to send to one of you lucky individuals. Just leave your STATE in the comment section below and email hungryandfit@gmail.com with the same state. We will reach out to one randomly selected winner!

We also have a tub of Birthday Cake protein powder that we’re going to be using around Thanksgiving for a very fun recipe that you won’t want to miss! Stay hungry and fit!

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