Pizza Press Restaurant Review

Another contender enters the ring, but this isn’t Super Smash Bros although you might think a Mario and Luigi have something to do with this. Good one, right? Looking back through the blog, we’ve talked about pizza… a lot. Can you blame us? We’ve highlighted our favorite pizza ever, our favorite pizza in LA, simple homemade pizza, a healthy homemade recipe, and much more. We even wrote a blog post about pizza on our other blog. More recently, we realized that there’s a growing market here in LA that is heavily influenced by the success of Subway, Chipotle, and other “build your own” food stops. At the time, we tried Pieology and Pizza Rev, and we wrote about our comparative review HERE.


A few months ago, we noticed they were building a new place in the West Hollywood Gateway (La Brea and Santa Monica) and we stopped by the day it opened. When we walked through the door, we noticed that there was NO ONE in the Pizza Press except one older gentleman. Never a good sign, we decided that we still had to give this spot a try with its clean and classy atmosphere. We later found out that this was part of a chain that must have been successful enough to justify opening a new location. After looking at the Yelp reviews of the other ones, we knew it couldn’t be that bad. And it wasn’t.

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Pizza Press doesn’t revolutionize the Subway approach to pizza game. It’s very similar to both Pieology and Pizza Rev and we might even be so bold as to say that it’s somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t seem quite as refined as Pieology since pizza seems to be the only offering at Pizza Press, but it seems to have slightly higher-quality ingredients than Pizza Rev. The prices are reasonable and the pizza is far more filling than you would think. The signature options that are aptly named after major newspaper names are actually quite delicious with proper pairings that create positive textural and flavor experiences. 


They do offer a unique and refreshing selection of beverages, as well as ice cream, although you’d have to be strategic in your ordering to save enough room without taking leftovers home. In the end, Pizza Press is worth a stop when you’re at West Hollywood Gateway if there isn’t much of a line since the process can take some time. Although it’s a good value and the food has both flavor and texture, we wouldn’t recommend driving out of your way to seek out this spot with stronger options in the neighborhood. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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