New PowerBar Protein Bar

Who hasn’t heard of PowerBar before? Decades ago, when you were a young athlete or a parent raising a child who played soccer every Saturday morning, when you went into 7-11 last minute to get them something with nutritional value there were two things you could rely on… Gatorade and PowerBar. PowerBar (who we’ll refer to as PB moving forward) was one of the first companies, along with Tiger’s Milk to create a candy-bar sized and shape product that had some nutritional value to it. Which leads us to the next question, who hasn’t had a PB before?


The chances are you probably have and even probably remember the structure and texture of one. They’re relatively tasty and every bite is the same. You can rely on PB to provide you with some quality nutrients, the flavor that’s advertised on the package, and a couple chews per bite. While PB had commanded that part of the food industry, it seems like they hadn’t made many changes while the supplement industry grew and all of a sudden, there were 50 other options at 7-11, so where are we now?

While it seems as though endurance athletes have continued to use the bar that they’ve known for decades, the new generation has gone to the flashier options available. Now PowerBar returns to the realm of excellence and relevance with their newest product, Clean Whey Protein bars. As always, PB maintains their high standards of (sports) nutrition. This means there’s lots of protein, but not a lot of added sugar which is always important for those watching their macros and diet. It’s made with 20g protein and 2g of sugar.


They have also added new flavors and textures, addressing all of the issues one might have had with the classic product. Now you can feel nourished and healthy, along with satisfied and engaged while eating. It’s not something you have to eat, but something you want to eat. PowerBar still recognizes the importance of the product and hasn’t done too much to create overly ornate packaging or names. It’s simple and it’s what your body wants. Eat a PowerBar to stay hungry and fit!


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