Men’s Health: September Highlights

Take 2. Men’s Health does these Seasonal Fashion Guides and this one includes the Fall Fashion Guide. I’m not a huge fan of it; it’s not really an incentive for my subscription. Still, this one had more of a takeaway than any in the past. You’ll see, but we’ll get to that last. 

The bulletin section is a nice piece of smart marketing as the bold headlines really catch your eye. There are random tips here including how to avoid sounding like an old-man. How? Sing more. Useful section. 

But it’s not even the useful stuff section, which fails to disappoint. Here are some highlights from that section:

– 89% of NFL players played multiple sports in high school. The takeaway? While specializing can help with one sport, focus on becoming an overall better athlete.

– Try a weighted treadmill workout that’s long and slow with a heavy incline. The most interesting part here is that they recommend purchasing from Amazon and even listed a price. I just checked and the price is about right with shipping taken into consideration. Oh, but check out the reviews. CAP needs to work on their quality control checks. 

– Women feel their sexiest at age 34 according to a 2,000 women survey. FYI.

– MH walks a dangerous cliff on this one. “If your usual diet is healthy, fortified cereal can be a good workout fuel” with a picture of a guy eating Lucky Charms. People will take this advice and most likely suffer from it. Right next to that is a list of three “fitness hacks ripped guys know.” It includes preparing lunch at home, going with the grilled chicken salad when eating out, and putting some salt in your water. No comment, but I fully support the first one.

– Page 48 contains one of my keys for training that I have been telling people for a long time. “Train for performance, not aesthetics.” I’ve written countless articles about this but in short, go watch the Olympics, UFC, or any other professional sport. Tell me that you wouldn’t be happy with a lot of those bodies (that aren’t position specific, such as a lineman) and think of how they train

– Page 77 has a quick and easy how to deal with pain guide highlighting backaches, nerve pain, muscle pain, achy joints, and foot pain to keep it relatively broad but still hit some of the most common issues that people have. There are three fixes offered for each of those 5 and they include things as simple as exercise, stretch your calves, and watch your sugar to some more serious actions including finding a “total spine” doc, assessing your footwear, managing your stress, and looking into prolotherapy. 

– The workouts section near the back of the magazine include specific workouts by mixed martial artists, strongmen, and someone really ripped. One even includes a weekly training plan. Sometimes you end up paying hundreds for stuff like this from an online trainer, and while it might not be exactly what you need… consistency and structure will absolutely help you make progress. 

– The first pull from the Fall 2016 Guide to Style is on page 28 and it’s a Timberland bomber jacket. The pros include it’s warmth and sleek look. The cons include the price tag of nearly $1300, which most people can’t afford. If you have some extra hundreds laying around, consider treating yourself to this… maybe, if you live in the tundra. Oh, let me know if you find it because I searched their website and couldn’t. There were similar ones on sale for $900 though. Maybe it will be released soon… after they release their Fall 2016 line, which is already out.

– Last but not least, they have a “12 Ways to Look Your Worst” section at the very end. This could be really helpful for people that care. While I’m not a fan of some of these, some really work for people. Here are the list of items that Men’s Health says you need to ‘save for Halloween, sell them on eBay, or throw them out.’ 

1. Shutter shades

2. Silk dress shirt

3. Trucker hat

4. Ed Hardy t-shirt

5. Leisure suit

6. Deep V-tee

7. Square-toed shoes

8. Fauxhawk

9. Crocs

10. Acid-wash jeans

11. Chain wallet

12. JNCO jeans

There you have it. Check the magazine or website out for more information if any of these cliffnotes sound appealing. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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