Keep It Moving: A Must-Read Book

Just the other day, we were reflecting on how often the solution to a major problem is so painfully simple. Sometimes, it could just be the flip of a switch to give power to a whole building when a surge turns off everyone’s lights all of a sudden. Someone knows where that switch is, but if that someone isn’t around or hasn’t shared that knowledge, how does that help us as a community?

Carl Bresk has over thirty years of experience in the field of health and wellness. For those three decades, Carl has taken a formal education (and degree) in kinesiology (anatomy, exercise science, etc.), the experiences of an elite athlete (as a competitive rower), and specialized training from working at a fitness facility where he teaches classes and clients, in order to find some part of the fountain of youth. Carl shares his secrets in his book “Keep It Moving” because he sincerely wants everyone to achieve a greater level of health and wellness. 


Keep It Moving isn’t a 400-page encyclopedia of exercises. It’s not a 200-page cookbook filled with low-calorie recipes. It’s certainly not a 365-page journal filled with endless spreadsheets that would require lots of attention and probably even more stress every day. Keep It Moving is a 76 page e-book that tries to help you understand the big picture; being healthy is based on your everyday lifestyle choices. You don’t need some fancy equipment or supplements to look, feel, and move great in your fifties, sixties, and beyond.

Carl will tell you to spend more time outdoors, walk instead of drive, cook fresh instead of frozen, and get yourself to a place where you can maintain an enjoyable, active lifestyle without having to ride a roller coaster. Carl will tell you what he’s done and what he has helped others do to achieve this amazing level of health and wellness, but he does it in a way that you can really relate with so it doesn’t seem like some daunting task. 

At $5.99, it’s an easy decision. At 76, pages, it no more than two hours of your life. Is this investment in yourself worth the thousands of dollars that you might save from medication, doctors visits, and surgeries? Would you trade two hours of your life now to live a few years longer? It’s your decision, but you might want to head over to the Apple Store and grab Keep it Moving. It’s only available on ioS right now so you’ll need a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, which is a bit of a bummer, but I think a lot of us know someone with one of those. Read this book to stay hungry and fit! 

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