Muscle Egg: Pure Protein

I have to start by apologizing to both all of you and Muscle Egg for taking so long to get this out to you. This company has beyond top-tier customer service. When I reached out to them, they were timely and professional. When I continued to reach out to them, they were quick to respond and efficient. You can’t ask for more and you can tell from the picture below that they value getting their high-quality to their customers. I could count on one hand how many times I’ve received a product packaged as thoughtfully as Muscle Egg. It was like opening a Christmas or birthday present, in the best way possible.

Part of the reason they are so mindful in their packaging is the nature of the product. The Muscle Egg containers (pictured below) is frozen when you receive it. You can choose to keep it frozen or throw it right in the fridge. If frozen, it stays for quite some time but once you refrigerate it and open it, its shelf life decreases significantly. Remember, it’s essentially egg whites so think about proper keeping of dairy products when you’re considering how you want to use it. We found our three go-to ways of using Muscle Egg.


1. Drink it straight – Like Rocky, you can just pour it into a glass (as seen below) and take it down. It is slightly viscous (I know that isn’t the prettiest word but getting ripped isn’t a walk in the park) so I recommend taking it like a shot unless that texture doesn’t bother you. It’s refreshing because it’s so cold and it is straight protein. It doesn’t make you feel weird or have any side effects on your digestive system. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get that pure protein. 


2. Mix it in a shake – You might usually mix milk or yogurt in your protein shake in the morning. Try this as your dairy base to get more protein with less calories in carbs and fats compared to other options. Blending it will take away the unique texture you experience when drinking it straight. Great for macros, mixes well, and absorbs the taste of other ingredients without a problem. 

3. Cook it. Now you don’t have to crack all those eggs and separate the yolks in the morning. We made some delicious and simple scrambles by just pouring the product in straight from the fridge, adding seasoning, and some salsa on top. This is a really easy way to make an egg-white omelette as well. 


Baking is also an option but we didn’t explore it in depth. If you have, let us know below what you’ve done with it in terms of baking. One key point we want to make is that they DO have multiple flavors. Everything mentioned above is based off of using the normal 100% pure egg white product. I wouldn’t be so inclined to make a scramble or omelette with chocolate flavored egg whites, but it would be better for baking and provide some flavor for protein shakes. The chocolate flavor does help when taking it straight from the glass.

Muscle Egg is a bit expensive but you’re paying for quality… a quality product, top-tier customer service, and your health. Check out their full line of products here. Healthy foods and easy ways to consume them help you stay hungry and fit!  

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