Men’s Health: September Highlights

Take 2. Men’s Health does these Seasonal Fashion Guides and this one includes the Fall Fashion Guide. I’m not a huge fan of it; it’s not really an incentive for my subscription. Still, this one had more of a takeaway than any in the past. You’ll see, but we’ll get to that last. 

The bulletin section is a nice piece of smart marketing as the bold headlines really catch your eye. There are random tips here including how to avoid sounding like an old-man. How? Sing more. Useful section. 

But it’s not even the useful stuff section, which fails to disappoint. Here are some highlights from that section:

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Our Weekend in Pictures

Including a family trip to Universal Studios Hollywood!

Before we get to the Universal pictures, we did other fun stuff like go to see Kubo!

Before we get to the Universal pictures, we did other fun stuff like go to see Kubo!

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Your Good Deed for the Month

Hey everyone, we know you’re all good people but in the spirit of greatness, please consider our plea. A close friend of ours has a dog that means everything to her. When your family lives on the other side of the country and you move to LA because you have a great job, you can’t take much with you. (Trust me, I know what it’s like to be far from home… many of us do.) Fortunately, for all of us pet lovers, we only need one thing (or in our case, four) to come home to at the end of the day. 

Dog breeds are sort of irrelevant. Basenjis can yodel and stand on two legs, standard poodles can swim really well, and french bulldogs can fly away with their ears, but all breeds really are sweethearts when they’re raised in a loving and caring home. Taza is a big, older, sweet rottweiler mix who needs a little help right now. See, when we’re not feeling well and can’t perform up to par at work, we know how to take care of ourselves. We go to the doctor, get an x-ray, and often can take care of what is wrong before it becomes a serious issue. The thing is, as humans, we really are at the top of the food chain, but you don’t have to look at it like that.

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Working Out Without Equipment

Bad weather, traffic, house chores, errands. There are many reasons why sometimes going to the gym is out of the question, but you really need to get your blood pumping and burn those calories. You may not have your favorite cross trainer or treadmill at home—or any equipment, for that matter—but that doesn’t mean you can’t get fit and build muscle right wherever you are.

By working out at home, you can save money on those pesky gym membership fees and the hassle of going there in traffic and then hustling for equipment, especially at peak times. Another worthwhile tip for saving money besides just the gym is using coupon codes at your favorite stores to get even more off the original retail price. There are many online voucher code sites that can provide you better deals than those offered on the actual site.

Here are some easy and effective ways to work out without equipment. Try them today!

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How to Harness Happiness

Please enjoy a guest post from Per Wickstrom.

Happiness is one of those elusive and mysterious things that all of us seek out but none of us really know how to achieve.  In fact, we often find it without really knowing how we got there.  It always just seems to happen by chance or it doesn’t happen at all.  Isn’t there some kind of doctrine on how to achieve happiness? Certainly tools for attaining happiness have been put into writing by ancient religions and creeds for centuries, but there’s never been a universal method that’s been agreed upon by everyone.

I’m not here to try to convince anyone that any doctrine works above all else when it comes to attaining happiness.  I’m not writing this to try and push any one theory on happiness or say that only one way works. 

happy pic

Image by geralt

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Keep It Moving: A Must-Read Book

Just the other day, we were reflecting on how often the solution to a major problem is so painfully simple. Sometimes, it could just be the flip of a switch to give power to a whole building when a surge turns off everyone’s lights all of a sudden. Someone knows where that switch is, but if that someone isn’t around or hasn’t shared that knowledge, how does that help us as a community?

Carl Bresk has over thirty years of experience in the field of health and wellness. For those three decades, Carl has taken a formal education (and degree) in kinesiology (anatomy, exercise science, etc.), the experiences of an elite athlete (as a competitive rower), and specialized training from working at a fitness facility where he teaches classes and clients, in order to find some part of the fountain of youth. Carl shares his secrets in his book “Keep It Moving” because he sincerely wants everyone to achieve a greater level of health and wellness. 

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ON BCAAs: The Gold Standard Continues

Gold Standard Whey. Men’s Multi. Casein. Serious Mass. Amino Energy. Platinum Preworkout. 

Optimum Nutrition is one of those supplement companies you actually get a little frustrated with because it always seems like they don’t want your money. That’s almost never the case with other companies that create ten different pre-workout supplements with different levels of effectiveness for different people. That shouldn’t be the case since it’s the same substances that will provide every human the boost that they need. For years and years, people have been waiting for BCAAs (brain chain amino acids) from ON and now they don’t have to wait any longer. 

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Muscle Egg: Pure Protein

I have to start by apologizing to both all of you and Muscle Egg for taking so long to get this out to you. This company has beyond top-tier customer service. When I reached out to them, they were timely and professional. When I continued to reach out to them, they were quick to respond and efficient. You can’t ask for more and you can tell from the picture below that they value getting their high-quality to their customers. I could count on one hand how many times I’ve received a product packaged as thoughtfully as Muscle Egg. It was like opening a Christmas or birthday present, in the best way possible.

Part of the reason they are so mindful in their packaging is the nature of the product. The Muscle Egg containers (pictured below) is frozen when you receive it. You can choose to keep it frozen or throw it right in the fridge. If frozen, it stays for quite some time but once you refrigerate it and open it, its shelf life decreases significantly. Remember, it’s essentially egg whites so think about proper keeping of dairy products when you’re considering how you want to use it. We found our three go-to ways of using Muscle Egg.

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Buff Bake: Nut Butter With a Purpose

Recently, we (might have) introduced you to a product called PB Crave that offered one of the best-tasting peanut butters we ever consumed. While the focus of the product seems to be tasting good, using natural ingredients, and something even greater, it isn’t a revolution in the field of healthy peanut butters (for the body). Buff Bake has created a line of products that is trying to accomplish that level of maintaining the joy of consuming peanut-butter-like substances while increasing the level of nutrition at the same time. The result? That’s up to your taste buds

Buff Bake 3 Cookie Sample Pack (2.8 oz. each)
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