LA’s Best Breakfast Sandwich

Pizza, bagels, deli sandwiches, Italian food… it’s hard to find an adequate option outside of the Tri-State area around New York City. It’s something in the water, right? Or some old Italian-American secret? Either way, that’s not necessarily the case anymore as Fat Sal’s and other great pioneers have brought us more than satisfying options to hit the spot at the right time. Despite the leaps and bounds we’ve seen over the past few years alone, there seems to still be a serious lack of quality bagels out here, and more importantly, breakfast sandwiches. 

Sam’s on Sunset and The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel in Beverly Hills have tried replicating the NYC bagel experience but have failed miserably. (That might be a BIT harsh.) When it comes down to it, you can’t find a bagel the right size, texture, and value out here. They’re either too small, too dense, or too expensive. That effect only multiples when you look at breakfast sandwiches. The best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had is from Bagel Emporium.


You used to be able to get a Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on the perfect bagel for $3. (I hear they’re $3.50 now.) You can get extra bacon, sausage, cheese, or egg for a very reasonable price and for under $5, you’re stuffed with pure greatness.  The businesses that try to copy this route out here (even in Colorado) charge $7 for sandwiches half the size and half the quality, if they’re lucky. Let’s switch gears entirely, shall we? What makes The Rose Cafe‘s (in Venice) $9 breakfast sandwich the best in Los Angeles? It’s NOTHING like your NYC sandwich. It’s something you can do well out here and they do it real well. 

It might actually be one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had and I’d happily pay $9 for it again. The slab bacon, perfectly cooked egg, and cheddar take the spotlight and draw your focus away from the vehicle bringing them into your mouth. The smokey dry cheddar and juniper-braised bacon are tied together beautifully by the egg yolk. It was a knife and fork breakfast sandwich, but an insanely satisfying one at that. 

The next time you’re looking for that next-level breakfast sandwich experience, stop by the newly renovated Rose Cafe and give this dish a shot. The service hasn’t been the best since the re-opening and it can be just as, if not even busier than it used to be despite the plethora of seating options. But if you find the right selection and a seat, you’re in for a treat. If you’re looking for something a little more ‘post-workout at Gold’s’ you can still stop by the Firehouse, across the street. AND if you’re looking for a breakfast sandwich on a bagel with taylor ham (or pork roll) that reminds you of New York, fuggedaboutit! And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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