LA’s Best Dessert Right Now

With social media acting more as an IV for people across all generations in 2016 than actual medical care, there isn’t a single new item that isn’t known to the world within a scroll of the finger. (Your choice of finger would depend on whether your phone still fits in your pocket or is bigger than your laptop.) So with that in mind, it’s only a matter of time before someone like Jeanette Settembre writes an article for the New York Daily News about this find. 

Asian dishes constantly find their way to the spotlight and since there are so many cultures and peoples in that area of the world, I can’t see an end to the discovery on this side of the ocean. Recently, bao have been gaining popularity and a spot in LA called Take a Bao (clever names, although they usually involve pho) has been delivering options from tofu to duck and bbq pork. You need to make sure that you don’t just look at their savory bao. Just like with a crepe, you can stick something sweet in that bun.


Get to the point already, am I right…

Banana, nutella, and marshmallow bao. You didn’t read that wrong. It’s almost like a s’more, but with a steamed bun instead of graham cracker, nutella instead of chocolate, and banana because… why not? Fruit is healthy, right? So, it basically balances out all of the other goodness and “bad carbs” in there… or at least you can tell yourself that. Is lying still wrong if you’re only lying to yourself?

My one piece of advice is to avoid delivery for this choice if you can. It’s must more enjoyable when fresh because of the textural components are in their intended state. Take a drive over to Century City Mall or Studio City to enjoy this magnificent food that requires no fork or knife. Also, let us know below what your favorite dessert in LA is right now. A nice treat every once in a while won’t stop you from staying hungry and fit!

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