A Book to Inspire You: Big Magic

I forget where I first heard of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, but I’m very grateful to that unknown source. I’ve been writing my whole life–I’m no master, but I have always enjoyed creating stories. It’s a hobby of mine I hope to focus on now that the big wedding is done and that I have a little bit more time on my hands. But writing, or being creative in general, isn’t as easy as putting pen to paper (or brush to canvas or hands to flowers)–though, technically that’s what you need. Sometimes, you need a little bit of inspiration. This book more than does that. 

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Do Something That Scares You Every Day

In this day and age, we sometimes cower away from the unexpected, unknown, and scary. This is partly due to social pressure, anxiety, and worrying about what others may think of you. This is also due to our fear of failure which can permeate many areas of our life. This pushes us away from trying new things, taking a leap of faith, or following our dreams. I’d say that those three things are huge in a successful, happy life. If you’re not ready to go jump off a building right now or start writing your screenplay, that’s okay. Start with something small. Do something that scares you every day.

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Visit These Yoga Holiday Spots

Please enjoy this article by Christopher Austin and Shaktihimalaya.com. Namaste!

Get a more meaningful travel experience with these Yoga holiday spots.

Yoga has become an increasingly popular pastime for many people. It allows you to still your mind and body in a hectic world and build you inner strength. It is something that many people continue to do whilst on holiday, however, it is actually possible to go on a yoga holiday; here are some of the best places to visit:


Les Passeroses, France
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The Top 10 Workout Songs for June 2016

Please enjoy a post from our friends at Run Hundred.

The summer possesses a strange magic that allows it to draw pop songs out of the woodwork—even from acts that aren’t necessarily pop acts. Even if the season itself isn’t pulling the strings, music lovers are definitely gravitating to big choruses from a variety of sources. In this playlist, we recap the best of those for working out in June.

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My Obsession with Efficiency

I’m not sure if this has to do with my generation (probably does), the environment I live in, or just who I am, but I have the unfortunate obsession with being efficient. This makes me sound like I’m humbly bragging. It’s not necessarily a good thing–it’s really more of a curse. It doesn’t mean I’m more productive in any sense, not really. I think it has a huge correlation to being constantly connected whether that’s by phone, social media, or computer. We need to frequently refresh our social media to see if anything new has happened. We are glued to the news and anything “breaking” we can break away from. This has a big impact on needing to always be doing something.

Sometimes, you just need to slow down and sip the juice

Sometimes, you just need to slow down and sip the juice

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