Remixed PowerBar: Energy for Athletes

We bring you exciting news of a new PowerBar product for athletes! Especially during these hot-as-dog summer months, athletes need fuel for endurance. For persevering through the heat and exhaustion to keep on keepin’ on. We, alongside PowerBar, present to you, New Simple Fruit Energy FoodInstead of its normal bar products, this “food” is a blend that’s more like a liquid than a solid (think of a gel). The smallness of the packet makes it easy to pour down the gullet while you’re on a run or biking away. It’s an extraordinarily convenient product for busy, hardworking athletes. 


What’s in it? It’s made with real fruit puree that gives you natural energy as you are burning those carbs. This product is 100 calories and is 100% gluten-free. It’s available in Apple Mixed Berry, Apple Pear Raspberry, and Apple Orange Lemon. I specifically appreciate this product because, often times, in these energy shots or endurance boosters, you’ll find caffeine in them. The dose of caffeine usually put in these products wrecks my body. I can be happy to know that the energy I’m downing from these gels are pure and simple fruit–no coffee caffeine added (only tea). 

What’s it for? For those of you who are active and don’t ever want to quit. They’re for runners, cyclists, swimmers, high-intensity athletes–the list goes on! This product was made so you can push the barrier and push the “I’m tired” feeling and go that extra mile, kilometer, rep. 

Think about what helps push you to the next level. Think about what makes you strive for that extra step. Think about what can make you better. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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