April and the Twisted World (2015)

It seems as if everyone in Los Angeles came or stayed in the area because of their dream to be in the industry. One of my colleagues at the gym is an actor and screenwriter, but when I told him that I was going to see April and the Twisted World, he claimed that animated films aren’t really his thing. Well, Hungry & Fit are fascinated with animated films, but our fascination rocketed to a whole new level with this somewhat dark and comical animated treasure. 

On a critical level, everything you’d expect to be flawlessly executed was completed with little to no fault. The animation differs from American, Japanese, and Northern European projects and, in doing so, manages to offer a new perspective on a world that cannot easily be created by our imaginations. It had a style all its own complimented by voice actors that aren’t considered your usual suspects and a soundtrack that made this unique world both extraordinary and twisted, yet familiar at the same time. The story was clever enough in its plot and the writing kept the audience engaged with laughter and conflicted from time to time.

In terms of being entertained, it was hard not to sit with open eyes and an open mouth throughout this steam-powered roller coaster. At just over an hour and a half, it felt far shorter and was a film that I actually wouldn’t have minded sitting longer to find out more about the characters. Still, it had its own agenda and managed to keep you thinking throughout… what if. The film was not too twisted for any audience member and is something the whole family can enjoy.  

While you’re collecting Disney, Ghibli, and Cartoon Saloon for future generations and family affairs, you’re going to need to add this to your shelf. It offers more than enough differentiation and thought provocation from your typical animated films. The visuals, sounds, and story are a marvel to watch unfold in this somewhat twisted and completely satisfying yet extraordinary tale. And as always, stay hungry and fit!


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