Getting Fit(ter) for the Wedding

Weddings usually have a lot of fitness circulating them. Well, more so, that the pair preparing to get married want to look good and so they get super healthy beforehand. In fact, a lot of bloggers start out this way: blogging their fitness and healthy eating up to the special date. Hungry and I are pretty good about working out regularly, it’s something we enjoy and so we do it often. However, when it comes to food, we have our ups and downs. We can be off or on. Usually, we’re fairly healthy (not like we pig out at McD’s or anything ever). However, we pretty much eat what we want. I’ve decided to embark on a 2-month program to help touch up my health a bit. 

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H&F Shorts on YouTube

We recently mentioned that we’d be stepping up our YouTube game (again!) and this time (with the help of Iron Fortitude’s Juan), we’re  actually off to a good start. We set a goal to release four videos this month and if you follow this link, then you’ll see we already have 3. Obviously, if you watched those, they’re only 15 seconds each since they’re just “shorts,” but we plan on using these to promote longer videos and to get everyone just a little more excited about it. 

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Our Last Few Weeks in Pictures

Keeping up my credentials

Keeping up my credentials

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Exercise Spotlight: Standing Dumbbell Curl

So in addition to doing more videos and projects, we will also be bringing you new types of posts! Introducing Exercise Spotlight and Food Spotlight! These will be to-the-point posts where we focus on a certain exercise or certain food item to showcase its value. We believe a key to staying hungry and fit is constantly expanding your repertoire of knowledge and sharpening what you already know. We’re starting off with a fairly simple exercise: the dumbbell curl.

IMG_3798 (1)
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Body Composition Scan Review (BodySpec)

 As we move further into the twenty-first century, there is a continuous flow of innovative ideas and products that challenge the consumer’s ability to judge right from wrong. Amongst the sea of marketing and media, it’s hard to tell what is the right product for you. In the fitness and supplement industry, there are hundreds of versions of a product, but each one claims to achieve the exact same result. How could you possibly tell right from wrong?

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Try Being Grateful

This title could be perceived as offhanded. However, imagine the tone as one of gentle nudging rather than being snootily rude. I’m not trying to throw in your face that you’re a brat, but just that each of us could–instead of complaining or being bitter–try instead to be grateful. I must confess, this was brought on by watching the very last episode of our beloved Downton Abbey (which I thought was a lovely ending). Reflecting on the life of the servants and such, I realized that, though fictional they are, there are plenty of people like them who are grateful despite a hardworking, have-little life. I found it to be a good lesson.

Instead of sourness and a generally negative attitude, let us try supplementing gratefulness first. The power of gratitude is enormous, be you a Lord or servant (or in these days, someone powerful or someone on the bottom of the ladder). Gratitude can pull someone from depression, from anger, from feeling lost. If being grateful to you is an impassive thing that you’ve never really thought about, try doing so now.

What are you grateful for?

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New Exciting Projects for Hungry & Fit

When team Hungry & Fit officially started back in 2012, we had no idea what would happen. It could have failed after a month but we’ve stuck with it, thanks to our amazing followers. We’ve had our successes and failures, but we’ve kept pushing forward because we want to be good role models for all of you. Living a happy and healthy lifestyle, after all, is a challenge and you’re faced with endless forks in the road, dead ends, and other hazards.

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Why Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Don’t Exist Anymore

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner don’t exist anymore. Well, at least not in the world of fitness, or within more specific niches and communities in that world. Allow me to explain how I came to this conclusion. But before that, allow me to say this. I don’t plan or prep meals 99% of the time. I have been fortunate enough to always had visible abs and my eating style has always been the same. I eat like a wild animal in the way that I can go days without eating or eat 10,000 calories in one sitting. Almost anything is possible, still, take this to heart and mind.

From time to time, I’ll use My Fitness Pal to track my caloric intake. We all know that caloric surpluses and deficits are a key component to either gaining or losing weight. Depending on what you eat and how you exercise, that weight could either be fat and/or muscle. If you are fully committed and prioritize your weight-loss or weight-gain journey as more than important than enjoying what you eat, or if you don’t care what you eat, you’re going to make the most efficient progress. However, there are not so many who can maintain that dedication.

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Simple Shoulder Workout (Advanced)

Workouts come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a beginner or nearly a professional athlete, weight loads, rep ranges, rest, and many other variables dictate your training session. The following workout has its own place for those that are experienced but don’t have a concrete goal. For those that have been serious in the past but an injury has taken its toll over time.  I call this the Simple Shoulder workout, but Simple is relative to an experienced athlete.

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Is It Worth Buying My Own TRX Trainer?

Do you think it’s worth buying my own TRX trainer for home? That was a question I recently received from a follower and friend. He has been constantly trying to change his workout regiment over the past 5 years to avoid plateaus. This had led to him working with different trainers and exposure to new equipment. With all those differing opinions, you start to develop questions. One of the big questions is, how much do I invest in my effort to get fit? For some, investing is an issue of different resources whether it is money, time, or space. 

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