Friday Fitness Comics

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Back when we had our promotions for the new year, one of my personal training staff sent me this. I’m not sure who put it together, but if you let me know I will certainly give credit where credit is due. This individual also worked the floor of the fitness facility, which is challenging because you’re dealing with other staff, members, and equipment that all have their need for your services. This speaks volumes to the environment.

This speaks volumes to the environment that exists in many facilities and now through social media. A lot of people are out there giving advice and whether it’s “right or wrong”  and what’s more important sometimes is how you deliver it and how it makes the other people feel. These comics show the interaction in this industry, but my advice to you is to focus on yourself and not take anything personally. 

Don’t let anyone else deter you from reaching your goals. They know little to nothing about you when they tell you to do this or that, so just brush it off as ignorance if you don’t like it or accept it and use it. Don’t let it upset you because even if they are qualified and experienced, they still don’t know you. We can’t justify anything, but we can justify a lot. There are hundreds of ways to squat. Stay hungry & fit and have a laugh. Don’t take anything too seriously!

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