Why Holm vs Rousey is Not MMA vs Boxing

With the growing popularity of MMA and its personalities like Ronda Rousey, there have been more and more comparisons between it and other martial arts. Wrestling has been compared to boxing and someone always has to come out on top. Like in a contest, there has to be a winner in the eyes of the public. When Holly Holm defeated Ronda, it wasn’t really Holly vs Ronda in the eyes of many. They saw it as boxing vs MMA, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, it was Holly vs Ronda

If you wanted to really break it down, it would be judo vs boxing, but Holly would be the first person to tell you that she’s a mixed martial artist now. While Ronda competed in the Olympics in judo, she also knows that one discipline is not enough to be champion nowadays so she also is a mixed martial artist. While the two have a strong background in one discipline, using that last fight as support in an argument between which is superior just isn’t enough. 

For those who want to really look at it that simplistically and clear-cut, look back to when Royce Gracie demolished Golden Gloves National Champion Art Jimmerson, who entered that fight with a 29-5 professional boxing record. While Art isn’t an Ali or Mayweather-caliber boxer, he was elite at the time and had no exposure to grappling arts, unlike Holm who trained with MMA guru Greg Jackson for years before facing Ronda. 

Another case in point would be the match between MMA’s other poster child, Randy “The Natural” Couture and his Greco-Roman wrestling background. Again we have an Olympic matchup like with judo and boxing, unlike Royce’s because of jujitsu’s absence from the Olympics. Couture made quick work of the two-time Ring Boxer of the Year James Toney. Toney had a pro record fo 72-6-3 at the time and had defeated boxing greats, Evander Holyfield and Mike McCallum. Toney was so proud of his sport that he failed to prepare for the fight properly, vocalizing his ability to knock out Couture before Randy could grab him.  

I’m not even going into the argument over whether Ronda or Holly is better. I’m not saying that judo is superior to boxing. I’m not even going to talk about whether striking or grappling arts are more effective in combat. All I’m saying is that Holly vs Ronda was not MMA vs boxing and does not make a significant contribution to that argument since both of those fighters entered that ring as mixed martial artists. While they had strengths, they both fought as mixed martial artists. Either way, I’m sure the world is excited to see a rematch in the future and I look forward to an exciting string of title defenses from the extremely skillful striker, Holly Holm. With her striking ability, it won’t be easy to take her title. As always, stay hungry and fit!

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