Food is Flavor

We’ve done posts in the past about salt… lots of them. We also had a post where we talked about our unconventional uses of pickle juice. Everyone has their flavor of choice and sometimes, that is all you need to put a smile on someone’s face. In this household, vegemite, capers, olives, and pickles are more valuable than silver and gold… almost. A cracker with cheese, apple, vegemite, and pickle is a higher traded commodity than a filet mignon. That might be because Fit doesn’t eat filet mignon but nevertheless, flavor rules


Watching Food Network shows, which are mostly competitions nowadays, there are always a few categories that are judged. While taste generally is given the most points, creativity and presentations are also highly valued, which is understandable. When it comes down to it, taste is infinitely more important than the other two to 99% of the population. The other most important factors would be cost, time for preparation, and nutritional value. Taking all of this into consideration once again reminds us that flavor rules, but why?

When you’re throwing together a quick dinner after a long day of work with clearance cart items because the budget is tight, as a parent or partner, your goal is to put a smile on someone’s face. Presentation and creativity are only so much compared to taste and texture. What’s the easiest way at home to accomplish a desirable flavor? Condiments, which are often highly processed and full of high fructose corn syrup and empty calories. 

While capers, olives, and pickles might have a higher sodium content than other “paleo” foods or “raw” ingredients, they have far less than some “ketchup” products and barbeque sauces. But maybe you’re not a fan of these flavors, which are strong and require a certain person to like them. Maybe you prefer spicy food and want to chop up a quick jalapeno and throw that in your tuna sandwich to add a little more flavor. It’s about finding a flavor profile that you enjoy and figuring out how to make that work in your lifestyle. 


There really is a healthy, quick, and inexpensive way to do nearly everything. It just takes that extra bit of research or trial and error to figure it out, but once you put that work in, you can reap the rewards. Putting a few pickles in an egg salad can make a huge difference. Just look at the picture. For me, it’s the perfect snack. It’s not a total nutritional black hole, but it contains tons of different textures and tastes. So, tell me what’s your flavor? Stay hungry and fit!


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  1. fitforpeople

    January 13, 2016 at 7:57 am

    Garlic iss definitely my flavor or lemon.