Why George Lucas Should Be Proud

Mr. Lucas gets a lot of hate ever since he created the subpar Star Wars prequels (in my humble opinion). Sometimes, I feel the same hatred when I see some of the writing and lack of direction and think about how they kind of tainted the backstory of the originals. Yet…we must remember that he is the Master of this universe, despite how some of us think he spun some of it into garbage. George Lucas has seen so much scorn it is said that he avoids the internet where trolls await. He has also turned somewhat bitter in the process, but can you blame him? However, at the end of the day, George Lucas should be proud.


I don’t say this lightly. The Star Wars universe is one near and dear to my heart and it’s a big part of me, believe it or not (nerd alert to the max). Even though he came out with the prequels, I say George Lucas should be proud. It may not be for the reason you think. 

Let’s take it back to the start. 1977. Star Wars. This movie was the first of its kind. The actors said, “What the heck? Could make a good part on my reel” and nobody thought it would amount to anything.  Lucas and team were strapped for cash, with young George in and out of the hospital for heart troubles. Guess what, after grueling work, spot-on writing, a true story, and real emotions, Star Wars changed the world forever. Of course, Lucas should be proud of these original movies. But the accomplishment skyrockets ever after this. 

George Lucas created this massive Star Wars universe into this empire. And guess what? People fell so deeply in love and entranced by this universe that they’ve run off with it. The Star Wars universe that Lucas once formed out of humble origins has surpassed him. That may seem to have a dark side (pun intended), but this is the ultimate accomplishment. To create something that is so engaging, captivating, and deep that the creator himself is even eclipsed? Can you find a truer compliment than that? Raving fans and conglomerates have plucked the crown off of Lucas’ head to go here and there about the world, spreading its creation until it’s at the very center of our culture. Yet, Lucas is there still, far and deep in the background, in the shadows, the founder of it all.

So, be proud, Lucas. You’ve created a universe beyond what you may even know and that is an incredible accomplishment. Thank you for what you’ve brought into the world (except for the portrayal of young Anakin, sorry, won’t give it to you). Don’t bow your head in shame, for you’ve brought us a world full of inspiration and story! I often use Star Wars as motivation to stay hungry and fit!

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  1. J McElwain

    January 7, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    I concur

    • hungryandfit

      January 10, 2016 at 10:08 am